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CVA Intermediate - Krylov SRC - 70,000 tons

Because of the high price and the economic sanctions, many experts, including one of the creators of Shtorm's first model Vladimir Pepelyaev, doubt that the project will appear in its original form. Consequently, the constructors have already begun developing an equivalent that has smaller dimensions but similar combat potential.

In 2012 South Korean sources reported on one of the many candidate designs for the next carrier of Russian navy. It had a displacement (between 50 and 70 thousand tons) and a hull length (about 300 meters, about 975 feet) similar to the existing Katsunehov aircraft carrier. The size of the islands has been drastically reduced, and the air defense system will be equipped with 9M100 (12 km), 9M96E (40 km) and 9M96E2 (120 km) based on the S-400/500 and 9M96D ) Are also considered. The proximity defense system is equipped with the Pantsir-s1 navy type. There were 24 PAK-FA naval units or 36 Mig-29K and 36 LMFS units to be used as anti-aircraft bombers.

Russia's Defense Ministry may sign a contract for the construction of a new aircraft carrier by the end of 2025, Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov said 19 May 2016. "It will most likely happen by the end of 2025. We have three projects that have been proposed by the Krylov [research] center. Overall, they are not bad," Borisov told reporters at the ongoing HeliRussia-2016 helicopter exhibition in Moscow. The Krylov State Research Centre is a major Russian ship research and design institution focusing on hi-tech products and services for navy and maritime merchant clients.

In June 2017 Vice-Adm. Viktor Bursuk, Russia's deputy navy commander in charge of procurement, said that the Russian Navy is planning the construction of a new aircraft carrier to accompany the Admiral Kuznetsov. "The Navy will build an aircraft carrier," Bursuk said at the 2017 International Maritime Defense Show in St. Petersburg, adding that the Krylov State Research Center submitted a carrier mock-up with additional designs being looked at.

For their part, representatives of the Krylov State Research Center said that compared to the Russian heavy aircraft carrier of Shtorm (Storm)-class which is also under development, their ship will be cheaper as well as having a smaller displacement, according to Russian military expert Vladimir Karnozov. "However, in terms of combat capability the new aircraft carrier will be on a par with the Shtorm-class aircraft carrier", Karnozov wrote in an article for the news network Zvezda.

Vladimir Pepelyaev, the head of the system integration department in the field of military shipbuilding, explained to Zvezda that this work is one of initiative, and the company's management is ready to offer its fleet when it wants. Price parameters are not yet announced, but the first estimates suggest that it will be three times cheaper than the cost of the "Storm". Earlier, on the tapes of news agencies, the figure was 350 billion rubles for a "complete set with airplanes." Of these, the cost of the ship itself is 200-280 billion.

The most important difference between a promising "light" aircraft carrier and ships of previous projects of this class will be the availability of a gas turbine power plant. It will consist of four turbine modules. The maximum speed is up to 25 knots, which is considered quite sufficient to provide for the landing and landing operations of the Su-27K and MiG-29K deck fighters. All aircraft-carrying cruisers built during the Soviet era had an energy installation based on steam boilers.

Currently, the only carrier of deck takeoff and landing aircraft is Admiral Kuznetsov. It has a standard displacement of 43 thousand tons, full - 55 thousand. The same is planned to create a new aircraft carrier instead of "Storm". With the goal of unification with Kuznetsov, and also based on the need to save financial resources, the domestic fleet will most likely choose the design of a light gas turbine aircraft carrier.

Earlier it was possible to hear conversations about "Storm", as a failed project. But today, as it turns out, it is premature to talk about this. Recall that the scale model of this heavy aircraft carrier appeared in 2013, but was first introduced to the general public only last summer at the Seventh International Naval Show in St. Petersburg. And she was again at the stand of the Krylov Center and IMDS-2017, which ended on 02 July 2017.

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