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JSC "Barnaul Machine-Tool Plant"

JSC "Barnaul Machine-Tool Plant" is one of the leading producers of industrial goods and ammunition in Russia. The plant is situated in Barnaul city and is geographically located in a strategic position for transport with unidirectional railways - the main 'highways" of Russia - leading to and from Barnaul and an International Airport situated in the city. This facilitates both the supply of raw materials and the efficient dispatch of finished goods to a world market.

The major activity of the plant is the production of military cartridges, sporting & hunting cartridges for rifled firearms and shotgun cartridges. The design and performance of this ammunition is equal to the best available in the world. This attention to high quality and standards has made the company one of the largest suppliers of ammunition in Russia and enabled JSC "Barnaul Machine-Tool Plant" to export to an increasing world-wide market.

The company also has in force, long-term and stable contracts with large suppliers of raw materials that ensure dependable quality of manufacture of ammunition, which is delivered to the world through a network of loyal and efficient dealers. The stability that this offers, enables the company to actively progress the development of new and exciting products and widen the range of ammunition available through our network to the benefit of consumers.

The quality of all cartridge production is carefully regulated and is certified by the International Quality System ISO - 9001. The latest world trends and technology in ammunition production is central to the plant's market policy. The company is driven to not just maintain world standards, but to be ahead of the latest trends and technology. JSC "Barnaul Machine-Tool Plant" has several subsidiaries - they are: CJSC "Altaihoist", "Stanko-Chain" and "Stankor". JSC "Barnaul Machine-Tool Plant" has constantly been given awards at major industrial trade exhibitions; some of the products have been ranked "The Best Year Product" four times.

In recent years, the plant has had significant new developments released on the market. In 1998 it was a range of hunting ammunition. In 1999 it was a heat-exchanger based on steel plates. In 2000 there were pistol cartridge cal. 9mm Makarov for sporting and training shooting and the driving roller chain PRA-50,8. In 2001 there were: 30-06 Springfield (7,62x63) hunting cartridge, electric hoist 2TE10000, industrial chains PRA-63,5-52000.

Emphasis has been placed on producing superior armour piercing rounds with enhanced capacity to defeat armour. Cartridges designated 7N10 (5.45 x 45) defeats 16mm of steel slab (Steel ST.3) at a distance of 100 meters or the vest elements made of titanic alloys (protection level III) at a distance of 200 meters. Cartridge designated 7N22 (5.45 x 45) defeats 5mm armour slab (2P mark) at a distance of 250 meters and the cartridge designated 7N13 (5.45 x 45) defeats 10mm of armor slab (2P mark) at a distance of 200 meters.

In 1999, the enterprise launched a new production line of cartridges; they were: Cartridge designation RS 101 (5.56 x 45) penetrates 16mm of steel slab (steel St.3) at a distance of 100 metres; Cartridge designated RS 51 (7.62 x 51) with enhanced penetration projectile defeats 10mm armor slab (2P mark) at a distance of 100 meters; Cartridge 7N23 (7.62 x 39) penetrates 5mm armor slab (2P mark) at 200 meters.

All military cartridges produced by the enterprise have a steel lacquered case and bimetal covered projectile with steel core.

Guaranteed service life of the cartridges is 25 years.

The company has it's own transport fleet of 240 vehicles, which allows the company the autonomy to meet all the transport needs of the main plant and all subsidiaries. JSC "Barnaul Machine-Tool Plant" produce goods that are used in an extremely wide range of production categories. The range of products encompass such industries as: oil industry, mining, machine-building, metallurgy, agriculture, light and food industries, transportation, building, heat power engineering, logging and wood-proceeding industry, furniture industry, chemical industry etc. In more recent years, with the expanding of the product range; the geographical market dynamics have changes too and today JSC "Barnaul Machine-Tool Plant" exports to the countries of Europe, Asia and American market.

JSC "Barnaul Machine-Tool Plant" has a very strong commitment to the social requirements of the staff. This attention to the needs of the staff contributes to the successful delivery of quality products by a happy and loyal work-force. The company has a resort; "Stankostroitel", which is located in a picturesque suburban area. There is also a sport club, a first-aid post, kindergarten and a children's camp.

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