9K51 BM-21 Grad (Hail)
9A51 Prima

Sakr-18 [Egyptian]
122-mm Multiple Rocket Launcher

Alternative Designations BM-21 GRAD (Hail) MRL
Date of Introduction 1963
Proliferation At least 50 countries
Crew 5 (8 with 9K51 Complex)
Chassis/Carriage Ural 375-D 6x6 wheeled
Combat Weight (mt) 13.7
Chassis Length Overall (m) 7.35
Height Overall (m) 3.09
Width Overall (m) 2.40
Automotive Performance  
Engine Type ZIL 375, 180 hp water-cooled, V-8 gasoline engine
Cruising Range (km) 450 km
Speed (km/h)  
Max Road 75
Max Off-Road 35
Cross-Country INA
Max Swim N/A
Fording Depths (m) Unprepared 1.5
Emplacement Time (min) 3
Displacement Time (min) 2
Radio R-123M
Armor, Front (mm) None
Armor Side (mm) None
Armor Roof (mm) None
Self-Entrenching Blade No
NBC Protection System No
Smoke Equipment No
Caliber, Type, Name 122-mm, 9P132
Number of Tubes 40 (4 rows of 10 tubes)
Launch Rate  
Full Salvo Time 40 rounds in 20 seconds
Single Rocket Interval .5 seconds per rocket
Loader Type Manual
Reload Time 10 minutes
Launcher Drive Electric
Traverse ()
Left 102
Right 70
Total 172
Elevation () (-/+) - 0/+55
Indirect Fire PG-1M Panoramic Telescope (PANTEL)
Collimator K-1
Fire Control Computer None
Position Location System None
Caliber, Type, Name  
122-mm Frag-HE, 9M22U  
Indirect Fire Range (m)  
Minimum Range 5000
Maximum Range 20,380
Warhead Weight (kg) 18.4 (M21OF)
Rocket Length (m) 2.87
Maximum Velocity INA
Fuze Type MRV-U (PD)
122-mm Frag-HE, 9M28F  
Indirect Fire Range (m)  
Minimum Range 1500
Maximum Range 15,000
Warhead Weight (kg) 21.0
Rocket Length (m) 2.87
Maximum Velocity INA
Fuze Type MRV-U (PD) or AR-6 (proximity)
122-mm Frag-HE, Type 90A (Chinese)  
Indirect Fire Range (m)  
Minimum Range 12,700
Maximum Range 32,700
Warhead Weight (kg) 18.3
Rocket Length (m) 2.75
Maximum Velocity INA
Fuze Type PD
Other Ammunition Types Smoke, Incendiary, Chemical, RF Jam-mer, Illumination, Antitank mines, Antipersonnel mines

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