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AR-10 Argument UAV

On passing Zhukovsky International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2017 LLC "Design Bureau" Modern aviation technologies "(CB" CAT ") provided information about the project UAV AR-10 "Argument", developed on the basis established by the office of the light jet training aircraft SR-10. The first prototype of the SR-10 was now being tested and also demonstrated at MAKS-2017.

KB Modern Aircraft Technologies began working on an unmanned version of the SR-10, called AR-10 Argument. The unmanned aircraft is designed to perform all tasks - from reconnaissance to strikes against ground targets.

It was assumed that the UAV will be equipped with a Russian turbojet engine AL-55, which has a thrust on the takeoff mode of 1,750 kgf. The maximum takeoff weight should be 3800 kilograms. The maximum altitude of the flight is 1600 kilometers. The drone is also capable of withstanding operational overloads from +9 to -6. The landing speed of the AR-10 will be 180 kilometers per hour.

Note that the designers went on a very non-standard way of development of the project, remaking the sports-flying aircraft in the assault UAV. However, the question arises about its survivability. According to experts, the aircraft can be considered only part of the unmanned complex. Turbo engine AL-55 will allow "Argumenta" to become a fast and maneuverable stormtrooper. This will allow the AR-10 to strike fast and with a short duration of flight.

Heavy UAV AR-10 "Argument", if necessary, can strike with the means of air defense, armored vehicles, ships and fortifications of potential adversaries. UAV is created on the initiative of the design bureau. At the moment only his project is developed. The further development of UAV AR-10 "Argument" depends only on the manifestation of the interest of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

AR-10 Argument UAV AR-10 Argument UAV AR-10 Argument UAV AR-10 Argument UAV AR-10 Argument UAV

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