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AQUA stationary hydroacoustic system

AQUA stationary hydroacoustic systemThe “AQUA” stationary hydroacoustic system for detecting underwater and surface objects is a series of linear phased array antennas (PAR) installed on the seabed, consisting of receiving elements (hydrophones) that can be carried out at a distance of tens to hundreds of kilometers from the coastline. Detection of underwater objects in the active vertical sonar mode at the border of the protected area of ??the water area. Detection, classification and tracking of underwater and surface objects in noise detection mode.

The system consists of a remote (underwater) part and surface equipment of the observation point. The remote part of the system provides radiation and reception of a sounding signal, primary processing of signal information, information transfer to a stationary surface observation point in the form of a form of a detected target.

external part
  • linear active receiving-emitting modules (PIM), combined in sections (LAPIS - up to 32 PIM) with a length of 100 m to 1000 m each;
  • linear LAPIS communication modules with a trunk cable with LAPIS power supply sources;
  • trunk fiber optic cable.
equipment of the observation point
  • information and computer complex (CPI);
  • a device for interfacing an IVK with a remote part;
  • remote power device (UDP).
Maximum installation depth of the remote part, m 100
Dimensions of the boundary of the protected zone in active sonar mode, m:
Width 40 - 100
Length up to 5000 (for a set of 5 LAPIS)
Probability of detecting an underwater object 0.95
error in determining the location of the underwater object with the error in the location of the PIM
Detection range of surface and submarine objects in shumopelengovaniya mode, m 4000 - 8000
probability of detection of submarines and surface objects in shumopelengovaniya time 0.95
Deviation tracking objects detected in shumopelengovaniya mode:
Exchange, grad . not more than 10
at speeds,% no more than 10
Power consumption, Wup to 200W per 1000 m of the line
Number of staff 1 operator per shift
Equipment service life, years 5

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