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Acacia-M Battle Management Information System

According to the Russian defense ministry, the formation of the unique Akatsia-M “combat Management information system” [Informatsionnaya Sistema Boyevogo Upravleniya] has begun. The system was tried and test during the strategic exercise Tsentr 2019 in September 2019. By the end of 2019, she will appear in every combined arms army. The military department has already allocated more than 21 billion rubles for their purchase. The system provides the army commander and his headquarters with online information about the combat situation, including the state of their troops and enemy actions. Based on these data, the commander will be able to directly give orders to the subordinate troops through the "Acacia".

"Acacia-M" interacts with automated control systems of other types and arms. Thanks to this, the commander and headquarters of the army will be able to manage military groups without any problems, which includes units and formations of the Navy, Aerospace Forces and Airborne Forces. Akatsia-M also exchanges information in real time with the National Center for Defense Management.

The revolution in headquarters, in the planning and implementation of military operations will be made, as Russian experts believe, by a unique “combat management information system” with elements of artificial intelligence and Big Data technologies. The system successfully passed the test in the Russian army.

Previously, headquarters collected information for planning military operations by traditional methods, accumulating reports from units. Headquarters officers had to manually systematize and analyze various factors. For example, the state of communications, the location of military infrastructure, good equipment, morale of soldiers, weather conditions and the availability of ammunition, fuel and medicines. With the introduction of the “combat control information system” this work is shifted to artificial intelligence. The system would calculate the situation and give the best recommendations. As a result, the commanders of military districts and combined arms armies will be able to respond more quickly to changes in the situation, choosing the best option. The data will be calculated using algorithms that work on the preparation of a combat order. It would scrupulously indicate the goals for the defeat, the type of weapon, the size of the areas that the enemy forces occupy. They also indicate the methods of evacuation of the wounded and the transportation of shells, missiles, distances and methods of repair of military vehicles.

The system independently determines the options for action according to the degree of probability of a successful outcome. The management software package, as noted by Russian military experts, can be applied at any level, both tactical and strategic. The algorithms will provide informational training for any type of battle, prioritize (seizing territory or inflicting maximum damage to the enemy, lowering his morale, destroying communications or ammunition depots). All work is carried out in real time.

Commanders of military districts and combined arms armies will be able to make decisions faster in combat situations. A unique system with elements of artificial intelligence and Big Data technologies will analyze the situation and offer them a choice of several options for action. The military leader will also see a forecast of developments and brief recommendations.

Its main task is to automate operational-tactical calculations, solve information and communication tasks. Previously, data were collected and analyzed almost manually: chiefs of staff and operator officers received information from subordinate units and summarized it. Of course, they counted in much smaller volumes, took into account significantly fewer parameters, and this took several times more time. The new algorithm is capable of providing all types of combat, including conducting a combined-arms operation using various types of troops and types of weapons.

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