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Aeroflot Fleet

The fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 signaled the demise of Aeroflot. Its fleet of 11,000 aircraft was divided into dozens of little independent airlines after 1991. By 2003 Aeroflot had 27 foreign aircraft (11 Boeings and 18 Airbus) in its fleet, which were acquired with tariff waivers. While Aeroflot can replace these 27 planes with other foreign planes without paying import duties, they cannot acquire more aircraft without paying import duties. Aeroflot's quantity of foreign planes were granted waivers in exchange for Aeroflot's commitment to purchase six Ilyushin 96-300s. While Aeroflot and other Russian airlines have been vocal about seeking further tariff waivers, the Russian Government has been equally vocal in saying they will not be granted.

On 20 June 2007 the Russian flag carrier Aeroflot placed a firm order for 22 Airbus A350 XWB aircraft, confirming its initial commitment signed in March 2006. In addition, Aeroflot signed a contract for the purchase of five additional A321s. Aeroflot will also operate a further ten new A330-200s, which will be acquired on operating lease. Aeroflot was the first Airbus customer and operator in Russia, with A310s entering service in 1992. It was also the first airline in the CIS to operate the A319 and A321. Aeroflot operated 27 A320 Family aircraft, and is among the leading operators of the type in terms of operational reliability and daily utilization. Aeroflot, which put its first Western-built aircraft - an A310 - into service in 1992, acquired 18 A320 Family airliners in 2002, then another seven in 2005. The five additional A321s would bring Aeroflot's A320 fleet to 56 units by 2010.

The airline has been flying Boeing airplanes since 1994, when it leased its first 767-300ER. On Jan. 23, 1998 Aeroflot Russian International Airlines' first 777-200ER took off from Boeing Field en route to Moscow. The airplane is the first of two Aeroflot 777-200ERs to be leased from International Lease Finance Corporation. The carrier's second 777-200ER was scheduled for delivery at the end of the year. Aeroflot was the only carrier in Russia with a 777-200ER. On 05 September 2007 Boeing and Aeroflot announced they had finalized an order for 22 Boeing 787-8s. The order is valued at $3.6 billion at list prices. Aeroflot will use the 787 to both upgrade and expand its long-haul fleet, serving markets in Europe, the Middle East and the Americas.

       MODEL               VARIANT          ENGINE       NUMBER
       YAK-42              -42              LOTAREV       61
       YAK-42              -42              LOTAREV       39
       TU-134              -134             SOLOVIEV      27
       TU-134              -134A            SOLOVIEV     265
       TU-134              -134A1           SOLOVIEV       6
       TU-134              -134A3           SOLOVIEV     110
       TU-134              -134B3           SOLOVIEV       3
       TU-154              -154             KUZNETSOV     31
       TU-154              -154A            KUZNETSOV    123
       TU-154              -154B            KUZNETSOV    204
       TU-154              -154M            SOLOVIEV     118
       TU-154              -154S            KUZNETSOV      7
       TU-154              -155             KUZNETSOV      1
       IL-62               -62              KUZNETSOV     51
       IL-62               -62M             SOLOVIEV     116
       IL-86               -86              KUZNETSOV     63
       IL-96               -300             SOLOVIEV       1

[World Jet Airplane Inventory]

       MODEL               VARIANT          ENGINE       NUMBER
       TU-134              -134A3           SOLOVIEV      13
       TU-154              -154M            SOLOVIEV      24
       IL-62               -62M             SOLOVIEV       1	  
       IL-86               -86              KUZNETSOV     14
       IL-96               -300             SOLOVIEV       6
       Airbus 319                                          8
       Airbus 320                                          7
       Airbus 321                                          3
        Boeing 767          -300ER                         11

TOTAL                                                     87 

On Order: delivery from 2008-2016
      Superjet-100        (95 seats)                      45
      Airbus A320         (140 seats)                     25
      Airbus A321         (170 seats)                     14
      Airbus A330-200     (230 seats)                     10
      Airbus A350XWB      (270-350 seats)                 22
      Boeing 787          (248 seats)                     22

TOTAL                                                     138 

       MODEL               VARIANT          ENGINE       NUMBER
       TU-154              -154M            SOLOVIEV      26
       IL-96               -300             SOLOVIEV       6
       Airbus 319                                         11
       Airbus 320                                         22
       Airbus 321                                         10
       Boeing 767          -300ER                         11

TOTAL                                                     86 


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