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A variety of ATGM mixes have been seen with 9P148, between AT-4 and AT-5-type ATGMS. The primary benefit of adaptability is increased launcher load and adaptability to user countries' inventories of ATGMs. Most common ATGM is AT-5. As AT-5B is produced, it is likely to replace AT-5 in better-budgeted country inventories. Reload time for the launcher is 25 seconds. Russian firms have developed countermeasures, such as encoded-pulse beacons for ATGMs and counter-dazzler adjustments to the 9S451M1 guidance box. Filters can be mounted in front of reticles. The 1PN66 thermal sight is available for the ATGM launcher. Acquisition range is approximately 2,500 meters. Russian KBP offers a drop-in one-man turret, called Kliver, with a stabilized 2A72 30-mm gun, a 4 Kornet ATGM launcher, thermal sights, and improved fire control system.


9P137: Original launcher vehicle with 5 AT-5 (only) launch rails

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