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Whiskey Class - Project 613 - Minor Variants

Class/Nato Designation Project # Notes
Whiskey 613 Basic production model
Whiskey 613E Export Pr-613
Whiskey 613e Katran Fitted with 400kgf/cm2 high pressure AIP
Whiskey 613A Testbed for Ametiste
Whiskey 613B Submarine tanker for Be-10 seaplanes
Whiskey 613C Unidentified testbed
Whiskey 613D4 R-21 ballistic missile testbed
Whiskey 613D5 R-27 ballistic missile testbed
Whiskey 613D7 Tesbed for D-7 strategic system
Whiskey 613AD Testbed for Ametiste
Whiskey 613M Testbed for silver-zinc batteries
Whiskey 613S Salvage version
Whiskey 613Sh New sonar equipment for use under ice
Whiskey 613RB Abortive version for R-21 ballistic missile
Whiskey 613Kh 15-Kh missile in single cylinder
Whiskey 613RV Torpedo testbed
Whiskey 613Ts Target submarine
Whiskey EP613 P-5 missile testbed
Whiskey P613 P-5 missile testbed
Whiskey 3P613 Unidentified testbed
Whiskey V613 R-11FM missile testbed
Whisky Canvas Bag 640 Aircraft detection radar picket
Whiskey Canvas Bag 640T Communications submarine
Whisky Twin Cylinder 640U Prototype of twin-cylinder
Whiskey Twin Cylinder 644 Production version of twin cylinder
Whiskey Twin Cylinder 644D Handled P-5D missile
Whiskey Twin Cylinder 644U Improved missile
Whiskey Twin Cylinder 644.7 Handled P-7 missile
Whisky Long Bin 665
Whisky 666 Salvage submarine based on Pr-613

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