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2S1 M-1974 Gvodzika (Carnation)
122-mm Self-Propelled Howitzer

Alternative Designations 122-mm 2S1 Gvozdika
Date of Introduction 1974
Proliferation At least 12 countries
Crew 4 (section of 6 with 2 in ammo carrier)
Platform (chassis) MT-LBu
Combat Weight (mt) 15.7
Chassis Length Overall (m) 7.26
Height Overall (m) 2.72
Width Overall (m) 2.85
Automotive Performance 
Engine Type V-8, 300 hp, Diesel
Cruising Range (km) 500 km
Speed (km/h) 
Max Road 60
Max Off-Road 30
Cross-Country INA
Max Swim 4.5
Fording Depths (m) Amphibious
Emplacement Time (min) 2
Displacement Time (min) 1
Radio R-123M
Armor, Turret (mm) 20
Armor Turret Top (mm) 10
Armor Hull (mm) 15
Self-Entrenching Blade No
NBC Protection System Yes
Smoke Equipment No
Main Armament 
Caliber, Type, Name 122-mm, canon, 2A31
Barrel Length (cal) 36
Rate of Fire (rpm) 
Burst 5
Normal 4
Sustained 1-2
Fire from Ground INA
Loader Type Semi-automatic
Breech Type Horizontal sliding wedge
Muzzle Brake Type Double baffle
Traverse ()
Left 360
Right 360
Total 360
Elevation () (-/+) -3/+70
Indirect Fire PG-2 Panoramic Telescope (PANTEL)
Direct Fire OP 5-37
Collimator K-1
Gun Display Unit None
Fire Control Computer None
Caliber, Type, Name 
122-mm Frag-HE, OF-81 
Indirect Fire Range (m) 
Minimum Range 1000
Maximum Range 15,300
Complete Projectile Weight (kg) 21.76 (OF-56)
Muzzle Velocity 680 m/s
Fuze Type RGM-2 PD
122-mm, HEAT-FS 
Direct Fire Range (m) 
Minimum Range 0
Maximum Range 1000
Armor Penetration (mm) 460 (@ 0 obliquity any range)
Complete Projectile Weight (kg) 21.58
Muzzle Velocity 740 m/s
Fuze Type GPV-2 PIBD
122-mm Frag-HE Rocket Assisted 
Indirect Fire Range (m) 
Minimum Range INA
Maximum Range 21,900
Complete Projectile Weight (kg) 21.76 (3OF-56)
Muzzle Velocity INA
Fuze Type PD
Other Ammunition Types Incendiary, Chemical, Flechette, Expendable Jammer, Semi-active laser-guided Kitolov-2M Frag-HE

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