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Project 16450 Akademik Ageyev

OIS "Akademik Ageev" is an oceanographic research vessel [okeanograficheskoe issledovatelskoe sudno] of special purpose I rank [code named Garazh-Gyus = Garage Guys. Gyuys (from the Netherlands Geus - guise) is the common name for the bow flag of a ship, a distinctive flag that speaks of the ship belonging to the navy of a particular state. The Gyuis-shaped sailor collar is one of the most iconic elements of the marine uniform.]

The OIS is intended for scientific research of the World Ocean in the interests of the Main Directorate of Deep-Water Research (GUGI) of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. The technical specifications of the vessel were not officially announced. It can be assumed that it will be the carrier of uninhabited underwater vehicles designed to serve deep-sea stations for various purposes.

On September 15, 2016, Shipyard Pella (Leningrad region) laid down an oceanographic research ship of Project 16450 (Hull No 451), named Akademik Ageyev, 16 September 2016. The ship was ordered by Chief Directorate of Deep-sea Research. The design was developed by Severnoye Design Bureau (Saint-Petersburg). The Akademik Ageyev, oceanographic research ship of Project 16450, is the third ship ordered by Chief Directorate of Deep-sea Research. Leningrad Shipyard Pella was founded in 1950 and privatized in 1992. The holding incorporates a head company and a number of subsidiaries. The shipyard specializes in construction of tug boats for Russian customers.

The technical launch of the OIC Akademik Ageev at the Pella plant was performed without any publicity on December 21, 2017. Apparently, during the following year, practically no work on the vessel was carried out on the Pella. At the end of August 2019, the ship was transfered to the Kanonersky Shipyard for docking and completion. The transfer of the vessel for completion to the Kanonersky Shipyard was due to the lack of a dock of the appropriate size on the Pella, which is necessary for docking during the completion of the construction. If it was completed at PELLA, there would be navigation difficulties with the exit from the shipyard.

It is known that the Malachite St. Petersburg Marine Engineering Bureau (specializing in the design of multipurpose nuclear submarines and special-purpose deep-sea vehicles) and the Northern Design Bureau (both are part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation) are associated with the development of the vessel. Information about the development of the vessel was contained in the annual report of the Northern Design Bureau for 2015.

At the Kanonersky shipyard, a launch ceremony was held for the oceanographic research vessel of project 16450 "Akademik Ageev" 22 November 2019. he event was held in working order with the participation of representatives of the Main Department of Deep-Water Research of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, representatives of the Pella plant, design organizations - the Malachite and Northern Design Bureau, as well as the workers of the plant.

By order of the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy, an oceanographic research vessel (special purpose) under construction was given the name “Academician Ageev”. Ageev Mikhail Dmitrievich - an outstanding scientist, organizer and first director of the Institute of Marine Technology Problems of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the founder of the national school of underwater robotics. He left a deep and unique scientific legacy, created a team with which he went a long way from the origins of a new business that he began to a broad recognition of common achievements. All scientific research and design development for the creation of deep-sea robotic apparatus gained great importance thanks to its authority, and served as a guarantee of the quality of scientific and technical values. With the help of underwater robots created under the leadership of Mikhail Dmitrievich Ageev, a number of important state tasks were successfully solved for the first time when performing search and research work at great depths in the ocean. The creative heritage of Academician Ageev is multifaceted, The assignment of the name “Academician Ageev” to an oceanographic research vessel serves as evidence of gratitude to an outstanding person for his enormous contribution to the country's science and defense.

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