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Project 11780 Universal Landing Ship
Kherson "Ivan Tarava"

Project 11780 is unrealised project Soviet universal landing ship. Designed for 80 PKB Nevsky's as reduced American analog UDC Type "Tarawa", for which he received the nickname "Ivan Tarava".

The BDK project 1174 Ivan Rogov had many flaws, so on the orders of the Commander-in-Chief of the Soviet Navy, Admiral s. g. Gorshkov, a universal landing ship was designed in the 1980. The character and purpose of the vessel changed during development. The original purpose of the vessel was only amphibious operation. UDC had to have a solid deck, allowing to use both helicopters and Yak-38 vertical take-off and landing aircraft. The General staff proposed to turn the 11780 ships project into universal aircraft-carrying ships, equipped with hull penetrations and catapults like other aircraft carriers.

The construction of two ships — Kherson» and «Kremenchug» - was planned. The ship's standard displacement was 25,000 tons, so they could be built only on the Black Sea. At this time on these slipways the construction of aircraft carriers project 1143.5 should have begun. General Headquarters, attaching great importance to the construction of the UDC, offered to build them instead of aircraft carriers.

This was opposed by the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy. Realizing that the construction of the UDC, because of the lack of viable shipbuilding capacity, was likely to lead to abandoning the construction of the Project 1143.5 aircraft carriers, were opposed. On the orders of the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy, the Research Institute of the Navy was directed to "scientifically" justify the existence of such weapons and its location. As a result, there was a lessening of the General staff support to the project, and construction was postponed.

At the request of the Minister of defence of SOVIET UNION Marshal Ustinov in project tasks have been added to 11780 peacetime tracking of enemy submarines in the oceanic zone. Ultimately, all these changes led to the project 11780 never being laid down.

The anti-submarine version of the ship was supposed to carry 25 helicopters Ka-27. The Ukrainian naval An-12 transport and combat helicopters Ka-29. In the dock the camera, 4 amphibious boats project 1176 or 2 landing craft hovercraft project 1206.

Country USSR
Operators Nevskoye Design Bureau
Main characteristics
Displacement 25000 t normal
Length 196 meters (180 @ WL) / 637 feet OA
Width 35 meters / 114 feet (25 overall)
Draft 8 m
Engines KTU
Power 180000 HP. (132.4 mW)
Speed 30 knots (55.56 km/h)
Cruising range 8000 miles at 18 knots
Armament Artillery 1 × 2-130 mm AK-130
Missile weapons 2 batteries 6 x 8 PU "Dagger"
Aviation Group options amphibious version — 12 Ka-29
ASW-25 Ka-27

Project 11780 Kherson Universal Landing Ship Project 11780 Kherson Universal Landing Ship Project 11780 Kherson Universal Landing Ship Project 11780 Kherson Universal Landing Ship Project 11780 Kherson Universal Landing Ship

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