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BDK Project 1171 - 2022 Loss

Jerome at Militlary Land reported that in Zaporizhzhia Oblast, Ukrainian drone Bayraktar TB2 hit and reportedly destroyed a Russian landing ship in Berdyansk. The strike also caused damaged to two other Russian ships nearby. The UK’s defence ministry said Ukrainian forces had launched raids against “high-value targets in Russian-occupied areas of Ukraine, including a landing ship and ammunition storage depots at Berdyansk”. In its 24 March 2022 intelligence update, the ministry said such attacks will force the Russian military to “prioritise the defence of their supply chain and deprive them of much-needed resupply for forces”.

Large amphibious transport ship (BDK) project 1171, with a displacement of 4500 tons, was released in the sixties of the last century in Kaliningrad. The ship is equipped with a twin 57 mm ZIF-31B artillery mount. The ships of this project are very spacious and can take on board a large amount of equipment, up to 20 tanks or up to 40 armored personnel carriers. Up to 1,500 tons of equipment and cargo can be on board, the ship can carry up to 300-425 people.

In 2020, volunteers from the InformNapalm international intelligence community established the fact that the large landing ship (LHD) Orsk , which is part of the 197th landing ship brigade of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, was involved in a special operation to seize Crimea. At the end of January 2022, the Orsk landing ship was moved from the Mediterranean Sea to the coast of Crimea. On 24 January 2022, he was seen in the Bosphorus on his way to the Black Sea.

One of the two Naval bases of Ukraine is located in Berdyansk, Zaporozhye region. For Ukraine, it was strategically important to build naval bases. The Sea of Azov is one of the directions of a potential attack by Russia. Against the background of increased escalation from Russia, Ukraine begins the actual construction of naval bases. This was stated by the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov during a speech in the parliament on 03 December 2021.

By 14 March 2022 the Berdyansk naval base was under the protection of the Russian troops of the National Guard of the Russian Federation.

The Russian media wrote about what plans the Russian military had for the Alligator-class landing ship. The Russian media called the Orsk " the first warship of Russia" that entered the port of Berdyansk and emphasized that the Russian army intends to actively use this ship to deliver military equipment. On March 21, the Russian TV channel Zvezda emphasized that "the design features of the Project 1171 ships make it possible to unload armored personnel carriers with port cranes."

On March 21, the Zvezda TV channel quoted an officer of the Russian Black Sea Fleet (journalists did not give his last name), who called the arrival of the Orsk large landing ship in Berdyansk an "epoch-making event", which opened up "opportunities for the Black Sea Fleet in logistical matters" and allowed "to use the infrastructure of the port Berdyansk in full. BDK "Orsk" was the first Russian ship to enter the port of Berdyansk. The task of the landing ship is the usual one - the delivery of military equipment, but the method of unloading armored personnel carriers is very unusual, using port cranes. The design features of the ships of project 1171 allow this. In total, ten large landing ships are participating in the operation.

“A large landing ship of the Black Sea Fleet has arrived and is now unloading armored personnel carriers before your eyes, which will go to reinforce our grouping, operating in the direction indicated by the higher command,” the source told Russian journalists. At the same time, the Russian media noted that “it is difficult to overestimate the possibilities of using this port. Now the southern flank of the special operation can get everything it needs at any time, including equipment and ammunition.”

On 24 March 2022, Russian landing craft and ships at Berdyansk, along the coast of the Sea of Azov, a few kilometers west of Mariupol, came under fire. Reports indicated that one ship of the Black Sea fleet may be sunk in the harbor. Two others appeared to have fled the area. The correspondent of Krym.Realii reported that the large landing craft "Orsk" was at the seventh berth of the seaport of Berdyansk. There are no civilians on the territory of the port, the employees were forced to leave the territory of the port after the Russian military entered there.

The reports of the Russian ship’s destruction were issued by the Ukrainian Navy. “Good morning, we are from Ukraine! In the port of Berdyansk occupied by Russia, the large landing ship "Orsk" of the Black Sea Fleet of the invaders was destroyed," the Ukrainian Navy said in a statement. The messages were supplemented with frames of photo and video recording of the destruction of the object.

According to the correspondent of Krym.Realii , "from the first powerful explosion in some houses located on the nearest streets to the port, windows were broken, the explosion was felt in private houses at a distance of more than a kilometer from the port." Explosions in the port are also reported on the official page of the Berdyansk City Council . According to the authorities, there is no damage to residential buildings in the city, the fire continues. The Berdyansk City Council recommends that citizens do not approach the Berdyansk seaport area for safety reasons.

Berdyansk is the port where Russian troops have debarked for attacks on Mariupol. Ukrainian Navy reported Alligator-class (project 1171 Tapir) landing ship BDK-69 Orsk was destroyed in Berdyansk port. According to Russian telegram channels, Project 1171 could be Saratov, not Orsk. 2 Rapucha-class landing ships damaged, and with casualties left the port (Caesar Kunikov (#158) & Novocherkassk (#142)).

the Command of the Marine Corps of Ukraine reported on Facebook that as a result of a fire in the port of Berdyansk, ammunition detonated on the Russian warship Saratov and a fire broke out, the Russian large landing ship Konstantin Olshansky was also damaged, among its crew were three dead and three the wounded.

The command also claimed that the commanders of these ships previously served in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and after the Russian annexation of Crimea, they went over to the side of Russia. “The commander of the Saratov BDK, Captain 2nd Rank Vladimir Khramchenkov , the former commander of the Kirovograd SDK of the Ukrainian Navy, changed his oath in 2014 and went over to the side of the invaders. His “comrade” captain 2nd rank Pavlov Yuri Viktorovich , commander of the Novocherkassk large landing craft, at the time of the betrayal was a senior assistant to the commander of the Konstantin Olshansky small landing craft, the command reported.

According to the report of the specialized database of ships and ports FleetMon , the large landing ship of the Russian Navy "Orsk" was destroyed as a result of an attack by the Ukrainian military in the port of Berdyansk in the Sea of Azov. “Whether it was a missile strike, or a special forces attack, or sabotage, is unknown ... The current state and status of the ship is unknown,” the message says.

The head of the monitoring group of the Institute for Black Sea Strategic Studies and the editor-in-chief of the BlackSeaNews portal Andriy Klimenko , in a comment to Krym.Realii , expressed the opinion that after the explosion and fire, the port of Berdyansk will not be able to function in full for some time.

"BDK "Orsk", apparently, sank or flooded. Most likely, the port will not be able to receive ships for at least a few days. The place of the explosion is the 7th and 8th berths. Handling of tankers with oil products and industrial oils is carried out at berth No. 7. That is, if oil tanks or oil tanks are damaged by an explosion, then we can say that berths No. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 will not function for some time. Theoretically, berths 1 and 2 can remain undamaged The entrance to the harbor is located between the northwestern end of the breakwater and the shallows with depths of less than five meters,” Andrey Klimenko explained.

BDK Project 1171 - 2022 Loss BDK Project 1171 - 2022 Loss BDK Project 1171 - 2022 Loss BDK Project 1171 - 2022 Loss

BDK Project 1171 - 2022 Loss BDK Project 1171 - 2022 Loss BDK Project 1171 - 2022 Loss BDK Project 1171 - 2022 Loss BDK Project 1171 - 2022 Loss BDK Project 1171 - 2022 Loss

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