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Project 11541 Korsar

Displacement, full load t 4,400-4,500
Displacement standard t 3,800
Basic dimensions, m:
length, overall 117,6 meters
129.6 meters / 421 feet
Length waterline 123.0
Beam waterlinem 14.3
beam, overall 15.6
draught, at bulb fairing 8.4
draught, at midship 4.8
Main power plant COGAG - type, twin-shaft
Main propulsion plant power kW 42,000
Speed, kts: full 30
cruising 18
economical 14
Range, n.miles:
at cruise speed 3,000
at economical speed 5,100
Endurance, defined by food reserve days 30
Complement 210
Armament & Equipment
Missile weapons
  • Uran-E ASM system (4x4 launchers, 16 missiles), or Yakhont ASM system (2x6 launchers, 12 missiles), or Kalibr-NKE ASM system (1x8 below-deck vertical launcher), or Moskit-E/Moskit-MVE ASM system (2x4 launchers, 8 missiles) Anti-submarine missile, torpedo and anti-torpedo systems
  • six single-tube torpedo launchers to fire missile-torpedoes or torpedoes
  • RPK-8E ASW missile system, comprising one RBU-6000 12-tubed depth bomb launcher for single/salvo firings of 90RE rockets with a gravitational underwater projectile, and ammunition loader (not installed on ships armed with Moskit-E/Moskit-MVE/Kalibr-NKE ASM systems)
  • KSUS Purga fire control system for missile-torpedoes, torpedoes and rockets with gravitational underwater projectiles launched against surface and underwater targets
  • Artillery systems
  • 100mm A-190E multipurpose gun mount with 5P-10E fire control system
  • Air defence missile systems:
  • Klinok AD missile system with four eight-canister drum-type launchers
  • Kashtan ADGMS comprising one command and control module and two combat modules (64 SAMs, 6,000 rounds). When mounted on ships with Moskit-E/Moskit-MVE ASM systems, Kashtan command module has no TAR and receives designation data from Sigma-E combat information management system. Kashtan system can be replaced, at customer's request, by two Palma AA gun systems with Sosna-R SAMs and electro-optical fire control system.
  • ECM systems
  • MP-407E ECM system (option - TK-25E)
  • Spektr-F laser-emitting equipment
  • PK-10 decoy launcher (option - Prosvet-M)
  • Air systems
  • Ka-28 ASW helicopter or Ka-31 radar picket helicopter in a fixed hangar with maintenance equipment, munitions, etc.
  • Anti-saboteur weapons
  • DP-65 anti-saboteur system (three ten-barrel grenade launchers RG-55M grenades fired at targets designated by MG-747 dipping sonar (options - Anapa-47 or Pallada)
  • Electronic equipment
  • Fregat-MAE-3 3D automated radar with
  • Poyma-E data processing system;
  • Monument-E multifunction radar system;
  • 67R IFF radar system;
  • Amga self-contained submarine detection system with unified radioacoustic datalink;
  • Podzagolovok-23 basic collective mutual interference avoidance system;
  • Ogon-50 IR night group navigation system Sonar equipment
  • Zarya-ME sonar system with hull-mounted and towed arrays
  • Combat information management system
  • Sigma-E system
  • Navigation equipment
  • MR 212/201-1 navigation radar
  • Gorizont-25E integrated navigation system
  • Topaz-5 automatic position plotter
  • LI2-1ME log
  • NEL-20K echosounder
  • KM115-07 magnetic compass
  • MS-98 weather station
  • RN naval direction finder
  • VNTs-452 surveillance and target designation sight
  • NAVTEX Morena-1 radio receiver
  • Ladoga gyroscopic stabilisation system Communications, relay and visual observation equipment
  • Buran-6E automated communications system
  • VHF radiotelephone station
  • Musson communications system
  • intership voice transmission system
  • optical devices
  • searchlights, pyrotechnic means, code flags and figures
  • binoculars and other equipment

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