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Project 09787 Delta IV Stretch

The rebuild of K-64 Delta IV to the Project 09774 nuclear submarine for special purposes (PLASN) / research submarine (NIPL) carrier of deep submergence submarines (AGS) standard began in 1999. This entailed the elimination of the missile launch tubes and the insertion of an additional section from KS-411 (Yankee Stretch) with a length of about 43 meters [140 feet], which significantly increased the size of the unit to approximately 175 meters [about 570 feet]. The space gained would be used for the installation of research equipment, as well as a cabin and housing for researchers. The entire structure was adapted to carry a Paltus project 1083.1 miniature underwater rescue vehicle.

This single boat design was developed on the basis of SSBN pr.667BDRM, for which CDB ME "Rubin" was commissioned by the Ministry of Defense of Russia. In 1999 SSBN K-64 pr.667BDRM - DELTA-IV (Head number 381/07381, contracted for on 18 December 1982 at the "Sevmash" yard), was sent to "Svezda" in Severodvinsk for further repairs with alteration on pr.09787. Different sources report the sub obtained the name either Vladimir or Podmoskovye. On 26 February 2004 CDB ME "Rubin" received contract # 52-04 to conduct R&D "Primer 1", presumably to establish a set of equipment for submarines pr.09787.

Also in 2004, the federal target program "World Ocean" adopted subprogram "Development of technologies for the development of resources and the areas of the World Ocean" under which developed engineering design solutions for a research submarine (NIPL) in the interests of offshore development (with potentially dangerous underwater objects, ice exploration, etc.). Work on NIPL have been used in the development of the project on-board research complex (KNIB) Order number 381 (PLA pr.09787) and started work on a draft resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation on the use NIPL for commercial purposes.

TBS-64 was initially slated to return to service in 2010. The ship would be based at Olenya Bay, replacing KS-411 as mothership for the small research submarines. On 08 February 2008 an agreement was reached between CA "Svezda" and CDB ME "Rubin" agreement on the issue of the working design documentation pr.09787, to be complted in December 2013. The amount of the contract # 85-08/600 for technical support conversion was 348.6 million rubles. Agreement Number 381 was signed 13 December 2008, calling for completion in December 2015, in the amount of 443.7 million rubles, according to the CDB ME "Rubin" annual report for 2012).

In December 2011, five warrant officers serving on the sub were arrested on the charge of consumption and distribution of drugs. As of 2012 the submarine had the missile bay removed in shop number 15 CA "Star", a boat underway for the conversion, with a projected deadline of 2014-2015.

The boat was removed from active service in 1999 to be refitted by 2002. However, the repairs were delayed by 15 years due to lack of funds. But in 2015 the work was resumed and by 27 December 2016 the submarine was ready for its new life as a proud member of the Russian Northern Fleet.

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