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Overall Layout
  • Pusher configuration, jet-like characteristics
  • Unobstructed forward view for sensors
  • High wing for good external view and rough field operation
  • Integrates designs from attack helicopters, surveillance platforms and reconnaissance aircraft
  • Flexible adjustable pod systems for multiple missions
  • Applications in defence, internal security, disaster management, border and maritime patrol
  • Low purchase and operation costs
  • High wing for crew visibility and operation from unprepared airfields
  • Payload capacity in excess of 800 kg with full fuel and two crew
  • Short Takeoff and Landing (STOL) capability
  • Self-protection countermeasures
  • Length, 10.5
    Wing Span, 12.0
    Height 4.0 m
    Max Takeoff Weight 3,800 kg
    Payload with Full Fuel 800 kg +
    Landing Gear
  • Retractable, optimised for semi- and unprepared sites.
  • Sized for optional extra-large high flotation wheels
  • Cockpit
  • Tandem seat, two crew
  • Large vertical cockpit separation and high wing for optimum external view
  • New generation multi-function IFR Glass cockpit
  • Engine 1x Pratt & Whitney PT6A-66B
    950 HP Flat-rated (Growth to 1 600 HP)
    Takeoff Distance 550 m Full payload
    Max Cruise Speed 272 knots
    Service Ceiling 31 000 ft
    Max Mission Range 1 150 N.m
    Max Ferry Range 2 000 N.m
    External Stores and Armament
  • Internal high velocity 20 mm cannon
  • 6 Wing Hard Points
  • Conformal and interchangeable belly-mounted Mission-specific Pod
  • FLIRs
  • SAR Radars
  • Active and Passive EW

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