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SROKA (Second ROK Army)
2nd Field Army Command

SROKA (Second ROK Army) is responsible for defending the rear area extending from the rear of the front area to the coastline, and consists of an army command, several corps commands, divisions and brigades. The SROKA commander is one of three ROK army four-star operational commanders. The Second Army has operational command over all army reserve units, the Homeland Reserve Force, logistics, and training bases located in the six southernmost provinces. To deter North Korean ground, surface, or air invasion (or should North Korean forces invade, to exterminate them) SROKA II has the task of coast guard during both peace and war time, and of protecting the sea lines of communications (SLOCs). Also, it is in charge of managing mobilization materiel and reserve forces.

The Second ROK Army serves as the combined rear area coordinator for the communications zone. However, the Second ROK Army is a reserve force that may not be available at the beginning of a contingency. US Forces Korea publications clearly state that US forces are solely responsible for their inner perimeter security.

In 1967 President Pak approved for planning purposes strengthening of ROK Army for counter-infiltration activities by 8 new counter-infiltration battalions in each of 8 reserve divisions under second ROK Army. The Second ROK Army defends the 3,276-mile coastline. To deny enemy infiltration, SROKA fields soldiers at numerous small sentry boxes.

In Korea, wartime host nation support is tied to the Second ROK Army's (SROKA's) role. SROKA, through the Combined Rear Area Center and the Joint Rear Area Center, coordinates all theater logistic support through the US Army Service Component Command [ASCC] and through the ASCC deputy commanding general for support. Though the relationships appear complex, they align functionally. The ASCC design accounts for these functions by providing coverage of theater-level responsibilities.

The SROKA Headquarters is located about 25 minutes from Camp Walker. SROKA works with and coordinates the areas of defense with the US military. The SROKA is responsible for all of the area south of Camp Humphreys, but might move south or north during war time. SROKA can help with taking care of area defenses. It has certain forces set aside to help defend American bases.

IX ROK Corps is responsible for coastal and rear area defense of North and South Kyongsang Provinces, while XI ROK Corps is responsible for coastal and rear area defense of North and South Chungchong and North and South Cholla Provinces.

2nd ROK Army [SROKA]
U/I Engineer BN (Heavy)
U/I Engineer BN (Heavy)
U/I Signal BN
U/I Psyops BN
U/I Armor BN M-48A5K
U/I Armor BN [part of 50th HHD?]M-48A2C
U/I Chemical BN
U/I Transportation BN
201 Special Assault BDE
2 Security Rgt
9 Military Police Rgt
1117 Engineer BDE
1120 Engineer BDE
21 Aviation Group
U/I Aviation BN UH-1
U/I Aviation BN UH-1
U/I Aviation BN UH-1
U/I Aviation BN UH-1
U/I Aviation BN Hughes 500M/MD-TOW
U/I Aviation BN Hughes 500M/MD-TOW

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