KT-1 Korean Basic Trainer

KO-1 Forward Air Control

On May 29, 2003 KAI announced the development of a variant of the KT-1, the KO-1 forward air control plane. The KO-1 is an armed variant of the KT-1 trainer completed a test run where it fired guns and dropped bombs. It is also capable of mounting rocket launchers and exterior fuel tanks. The company is optimistic this new variant will be exported to many foreign markets. The KO-1 (XKO) features two hardpoints under each wing and one under the fuselage for seven-round rocket launchers (LAU-3A, LAU-131A), gun pods, drop tanks and Sidewinder missiles.On December 17, 2003 ROKAF signed a contract for twenty aircraft. The first aircraft was presented on July 27, 2005 and first deliveries to replace the O-2A's of the 237 TCS at Seongnam took place in August.

KA-1 Light Attack

In addition to the KT-1 basic trainer, armed version and it's derivative as a light attacker are under development and testing. This armed version can carry external fuel tanks, conventional weapons and is equipped with outstanding avionic system as mission computer, INS/GPS, Head-Up Display (HUD) and Multi-Function Display for mission performance.

By 2014 Seoul was working to convince the Philippines to buy its KA-1 Woongbi following a call by the Philippine Air Force that it was in the market for six new close air support aircraft to protect soldiers on the ground. Together, the six planes are worth around $114 million, and Seoul stood a good chance of making the sale, especially if it kept up the charm offensive by donating more sweeteners to the Philippine military in the form of free, second-hand kit.

KT-1C Enhanced Trainer

In addition, KAI is developing the Enhanced Trainer equipped with latest avionics and aircraft systems. The Enhanced Trainer (called as KT-1C) adopted Full Glass Cockpit of the modern fighters, along with OBOGS, Anti-G, Single Point Fueling System as enhanced aircraft systems. Specially adopting the Simulated Scoring System that can perform the armed training without any external charge, we will offer the more efficient, safe and ergonomic training system to the customers.

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