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Chun-ma [Pegasus]
KSAM Korean Surface to Air Missile
Korean Short Range Air Defense System (K-SHORAD)

Korean Short Range Air Defense System (K-SHORAD) is a Korean short range surface-to-air missile system for area defense and air defense for mobile troops. The K-SHORAD system is mounted on a tracked vehicle, and equipped with a search and tracking system, a fire control system and ready-to-fire missiles. The K-SHORAD system has capabilities of all weather operational, ECCM (Electronic Counter-Counter Measurement), high maneuvarability missile, high kill probability and higher survivability.

Pegasus is a short-range surface-to-air missile developed to defend major national facilities and mobile forces against low/high altitude aircraft attacks in the altitude range of 5km. With it being mounted with a fire control system that has detection/ tracking devices and a command to line-of-sight guidance system, it shows improved air defense capabilities on the single orbit vehicle and is suited for electronic warfare, making it an all weather short-range surface-to-air missile system operable both in day and night conditions.

Pegasus, a Self-Propelled Surface to Air Missile System, is the Korean version of the Crotale / Shahine. It was developed to provide air defence system against low and medium altitude air attack. It has combat capabilities at day and night, all weather condition which thanks to state of the arts radar and EOTS system. High accuracy of missile system is acomplished by guidance and control system utilising the FLIR, IR Localizer and CLOS. All of the capability has been proved by the toughest test program. Pegasus will contribute to fulfill the air defence capability to ground forces in next decades.

PEGASUS is a self-propelled short range air defense missile system designed to provide anti-aircraft defense for ground forces or vital installations against low and very low level air attack in severe environments. PEGASUS is designed to install a surveillance radar, a tracking radar and electro optics, a missile launcher on an armoured tracked vehicle with high mobility to meet all operational mission requirements.

PEGASUS's real-time multisensor target acquisition system has been carefully designed to provide reliable all-weather, day & night air defense capabilities, regardless of battlefield clutter and hostile ECM conditions. PEGASUS combines advanced radar and electro optics using unique data processing technology.

PEGASUS is armed with 8 missiles ready to fire at all times. PEGASUS's highly maneuverable, ground controlled missile carries a proximity fuse, and a focused fragment warhead. This combination offers very high kill probability against all maneuvering targets.

Defense for front line armored brigades, defense for vital installations such as airfields logistic centers, headquarters, these are the missions fulfilled by the PEGASUS to counter various air threats under the most adverse environment.

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