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KH-179 155mm towed field gun

KIA Machine Tool was the manufacturer for the KH-178 105mm and the KH-179 155mm towed field guns. The KH-178 and KH179 guns were derived from United States-designed artillery but were considered indigenously designed.

The KH179 is a towed 155mm field artillery howitzer, transportable by a CH47C helicopter or a C-130 carrier. The KH179 provides Longer range higher reliability and easier maintenance than the medium towed 155mm M114A2 Howitzer. KH179 uses the newly developed 155mm ammunition family. A new family of 155mm ammunition furnishes KH179 with further conspicuous increase KH179 with further conspicuous increase in range and lethality in both direct and indirect firing. The KH179 can also use US and NATO 155mm standard ammunition.

Fitted with a monoblock barrel, KH179 Howitzer incorporates an interrupted screw breech mechanism. The tube of high strength alloy steel, heat treated and autofrettaged to provide maximum fatigue life, has a constant 1/20 cal. twist rifling with 48 Iands and grooves. The barrel is provided with a muzzle brake to reduce recoil force and carriage load. The recoil mechanism is a variable, hydro-pneumatic, independent design. Its principal elements comprise recoil and counter-recoil system. Both systems are installed in the cylinder yoke end which supports and enables the barrel to slide horizontally during recoil and counter-recoil. Two pneumatic equilibrators are connected between the yoke of recoil mechanism and the top carriage to balance the elevating mass and keep the handwheel load within acceptable limits.

The KH179 is equipped with two telescopes for direct and indirect firing. For indirect firing, the panoramic telescope of 4 power magnification and 10-degree field of view is mounted on the left side. For direct firing, the elbow telescope of 3 power magnification and 13.5-degree field of view is equipped on the right for effective performance in the range up to 1,500 meters.

The panoramic telescope and an alignment device newly equipped for self sight aligning, replace the conventional tests and other bore sighting methods. All lights, vials, reticles on the fire control and accessory equipments are radioactively illuminated. The traverse handwheel is mounted at gunner's station at the left of the top carriage, while the elevating handwheel is at the right of the gun for the assistant gunner. A large thrust bearing is equipped between the top and bottom carriage to minimize the frictions in traversing. Detachable spades are provided in the middle of each trail leg and fastened by square keys. The wheel are equipped with a pneumatic brake system operated from the prime mover. For parking, handbrakes are provided on the each wheel.

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