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K-30 "Biho" (Flying Tiger)
Self-Propelled AA 30mm Twin-Gun System

The 30mm self-propelled anti-aircraft defense system 'BIHO' is the weapon system under combat deployment for the Korean Army, and is able to contribute to reinforcement of anti-aircraft defense capacity for countries requiring low-altitude anti-aircraft weapon systems. The 30mm twin self-propelled anti-aircraft defense system BIHO demonstrates excellent engagement capability under the battlefield conditions of the mountainous Korean peninsula. It has outstanding maneuverability with a maximum speed of 60km/h. Its effective range is 3 km and it has a high firing rate of 1,200rounds/minute.

K-30 "BIHO system" is a self-propelled 30 mm twin-gun system which has high kill probability against penetrating low-altitude airborne targets. Land Systems of Daewoo Heavy Industries has produced this twin 30mm self-propelled anti-aircraft gun system to provide short range air defense capability against low altitude aircraft and hovering helicopters and short range self-propelled anti-aircraft missile system to provide enhanced air defence capability to ground forces. In line with the worldwide AA gun systems' demands and technical trends, it has been developed as a unique Korean model equipped with the most advanced high precision Fire Control System so as to cope with the heavily increasing air threats around the Korean peninsula. It is an effective system comparable to any other advanced AA gun system around the world.

K-30 project started in 1983 in spite of economical difficulties and technical shortages. More than 600 researching men-year and tens of billions of wons have been invested through the whole project period and it was recorded as one of the most brilliant achievements in Korean military R&D history. K-30 project is the first indigenous advanced weapon system that has been designed together with the ILS elements by the Korean researchers and engineers.

Live firing test results in the test site show that this system has a superior performance to other similar class of foreign AA gun system with lower cost. This is due to high percentage of domestically developed parts, and there is a high prospect of exports in the world military market. With the delivery of this system to Korean military units, their engagement capability of low altitude airborne threats will be remarkably improved specifically in the defense of crucial facilities such as airfields and mechanized armored forces.

In September 2001 South Korea began to produce this newly developed 30 mm self-propelled anti-aircraft gun developed by Tong-il Heavy Industries, the South Korean Defense Ministry said in July 2001. The gun is capable of firing 550 to 650 shots per minute at a target within an effective range of 3,000 meters.

In March 2007 Doosan Infracore concluded a contract with Korea's Defense Acquisition Program Administration to supply additional "Biho" (Flying Tiger) low-altitude 30mm twin self-propelled anti-aircraft guns to the Korean military. The approximately W500 billion (US$543 million) follow-up order will be delivered in stages, starting in 2008. The initial order, singed in 2002, is still in the process of being completed.

The "Biho" is a high-precision weapons system developed mainly with homegrown technology. It has been proven to be more accurate and price competitive than similar systems produced in other countries. Starting with this second order, major electronics systems such as the system tracker, aiming unit and identification of friend or foe have been localized. The use of locally-produced military hardware facilitates logistics support. The excellent maneuverability of the gun enhances its self-defense capabilities and elevates crew survivability.

With this latest order, the backlog for military hardware comes to W1.5 trillion (US$1.63 billion), enough to keep the Defense Products BG operating at full capacity for almost five years. Moreover, the high percentage of localization gives the company a competitive edge (between 50 and 60% of the cost of an import). This means the Doosan Infracore Defense Products BG can expect to see an increase in exports.

In 2019 K-30 Biho (Flying Tiger) twin 30mm short range, mobile self-propelled anti-aircraft system, manufactured by Hanwha, was selected by the Indian Army following a competition that included Russia’s Tunguska-M1 which has a range of up to 10 kilometres, and the Pantsir SA-22 ‘Greyhound’.

BIHO II ADS (Next Generation Air Defense System)

BIHO II ADS is a Next generation air defense system with powerful solution against all aerial threat. This system, which is accumulated technology of Hanwha Defense, is designed to perform various missions in various battlefield environments. High maneuverability and excellent reaction time of BIHO II ADS not only improve alliance survivability, but is also very effective for air defense of major facilities.