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ATX Hansan-Do ATH-81 training ship

Hansan Island (ATH-81) is the first ship built for the purpose of education and training in Korean naval history. It will be devoted to the coastal training of cadets, cruise training, and the vessel the maintenance training course. Hansan is a total of 142m long, 4500t class, 24 knots maximum speed (44 km/hr. The cruise speed is 18 knots and can travel over 7000 miles (over 12,000 km). ATH is the acronym of Auxiliary Training Ship Helicopter.

It has three lecture halls, a large classroom with more than 400 residents, and a large classroom capable of accommodating 200 students. It is equipped with 76mm, 40mm guns, and a guided missile system to carry out missions. The ship is capable of detachment and arrival of a landing mobile helicopter, and can store two marine operation helicopters.

It has the largest medical room of the domestic warship, and can act as a shipwreck rescue and treatment. It can also play a battle rescue and treatment ship (CRTS) role in charge of initial treatment and evacuation of large-scale battle injuries that have the largest medical room and hospital beds of domestic warships and occur on the sea. The 'marine emergency room' can take charge of first responders by accepting victims of events which have occurred in the sea or in a coastal area. It allows the patient to have emergency medical treatment and personnel, helicopter deck, and to quickly transport patients who need surgery to land hospitals. There are three operating rooms, one large operating room and one medical room, for the intensive care unit treatment. Normally, the clinic and the operating room are utilized in the lecture room, and the hospital room of 60 rooms (intensive care room / general hospital room classification) is used in the practicing student bedroom.

There is also "space provision" for a number of Korean Vertical Launching System (K-VLS) in the aft (but the vessel will not be delivered with VLS). The ship is also set to be fitted with chaff launchers, torpedo launchers, and electronic warfare systems (ECM/ESM) and a hull-mounted sonar. Besides that, the stern doors with the ramps will allow for the easy launch and recovery of Rigid-hulled inflatable boats (RHIBs). There is also a deck and hangar to accommodate a medium-size helicopter.

The Navy had been constantly raising the need for a dedicated training ship, but until 2010, a naval ship for training or hospitals was seen as a luxury. But in the late 2010s, the lack of support has become increasingly serious, the Defense Procurement Administration began to develop the ATX business plan in 2016, and the program set its sights on the road. The ship was constructed by Hyundai Heavy Industries' (HHI's) at its Ulsan Shipyard under Training Ship Experimental (ATX) program. The value of the contract was about 260 billion won (US$ 23 million) at the time of awarding in June 2016.

The South Korean Navy held a launching ceremony for its very first training ship, Auxiliary Training ship Hansando (ATH-81), on 16 November 2018. The ceremony at the shipyard of Hyundai Heavy Industries in the city of Ulsan, was attended by Admiral Sim Seung-seob, the nation's Chief of Naval Operations, and the chair of parliament's National Defense Committee, Ahn Gyu-back. Work on the ship began in 2013 with the primary purpose of training cadets and officers. According to the Navy, the Hansando is scheduled to be deployed from early 2021 for actual operations.

Following the naval customsLa Jinsu proceeded with Mrs. Shim Hye-jung, wife of Ahn. Ahn, Gyu-baek, the chairman of the National Assembly, Seok Seung-sup, the chief of staff of the Navy, and Young-Seok Han, president of Hyundai Heavy Industries, attended the ceremony. This is the first time that Jubin is Chairman of the National Assembly and Chairman of the National Assembly Chairperson is in charge of the launching ceremony.

In his congratulatory speech, Ahn said, "Admiral Yi Sun-shin established in Hansan Island became the cradle of the Joseon naval base that led to the victory of the Imjin Naval War." "Hansan Island Hamdoe protects the national interests of the motherland through the training of the best naval personnel, "He said.

Hansan will be invested in the mission in early 2021 through evaluation of acquisition and power generation. It is expected that the power of Hansan Island will help establish naval combat posture. The Navy had not trained for 73 years. As a result, the ROK Navy had to operate on the battlefield by practicing.

The ship's name comes from the southern island of Hansando, where the 16th century Korean naval hero Admiral Yi Sun-sin won historic battles against the Japanese fleet during the Imjin War. Hansando Island, located in the middle of Hallyeo Haesang National Park, is an important historical site. This is where General Lee Sun-Shin (1545 ~ 1598) won his great victory using the "Turtle Boat" (an ironclad warship shaped as a tortoise) by commanding the naval forces of Chungcheong, Jeolla and Gyeongsang Provinces at the beginning of Imjinwaeran, the Japanese invasion of Korea (1592-1598).

In Hansando Island, a 960 square km large forest is blanketed with camellias and old red pines. In the woods, there is Jeseungdang, which was the strategic headquarters of General Lee Sun-Shin where he commanded the war for five years during the Japanese occupation of Korea in 1592. Jeseungdang has a five-page documentary called Chungmugong that recorded the activities of Lee Sun-Shin which depicts the events of that period. You can also see the barracks, The Suru Watch Tower, and Hansanjeong, where soldiers were trained in archery. The Suru Watch Tower overlooks a fine view of the sea, along with a view of Jeseungdang. The active cultivation of oysters, ascidians, brown seaweed and pearls is attracting more tourists to this area. The coast of Hansando has also become a famous fishing spot.

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