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FROKA (First ROK Army)
1st Field Army Command

FROKA (First ROK Army) mission is to defend the eastern section of the DMZ. The VII ROK Corps defends the eastern coastal invasion route, and the VIII ROK Corps is responsible for the coastal defense of Kangwon Province.

The First Army and the Third Army occupy well-fortified positions stretching southward from the DMZ about fifty kilometers. They have the task of defending their area of responsibility that ranges from the Military Demarcation Line (MDL) to the Seoul metropolitan area. They each consist of an army command and several corps commands, divisions and brigades. These armies, in order to prepare for surprise attacks and high-speed maneuver warfare launched by North Korea, deploy ROK-model tanks, a variety of firearms, TOWs and surface-to-air missiles along the major route that connects the DMZ to Seoul.

1st ROK Army [FROKA]
U/I Aviation BN UH-1
U/I Aviation BN UH-1
3 Armor BDE
U/I Air Defense Artillery Btry
U/I Armored Engineer CoK-200
U/I Reconnaissance Co
U/I Signal Co
U/I Armor BN K-1
U/I Armor BN K-1
U/I Mechanized Infantry BN K-200 KIFV
U/I Artillery BN 155mm SP
U/I Support BN
11 Security Rgt
U/I Signal BDE
1107 Engineer BDE
1 Logistical Group
11 Field Artillery Group
U/I Artillery BN 155mm T
U/I Artillery BN 155mm T
U/I Artillery BN 155mm T
U/I Artillery BN 155mm T
11 Infantry Division Hongcheon
U/I Chemical Co
U/I Armor BN M-48A5K
U/I Engineer BN
U/I Medical BN
U/I Reconnaissance BN
U/I Signal BN
U/I Support BN
9 Infantry RGT
13 Infantry RGT
20 Infantry RGT
U/I Artillery RGT
U/I Artillery BN 105 T
U/I Artillery BN 105 T
U/I Artillery BN 105 T
U/I Artillery BN 155 T

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