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AOE-51 Soyyang AOE-II

The AOE-II (Fast Combat Support) logistical support ship is a vessel equipped with the ability to support military maneuvering so that ships can receive fuel, ammunition, and other supplies at sea without needing to berth at port. The AOE-II project started with the need for a larger-scale logistical support facility due to the shortage capabilities and expanding requirements. The Navy named the ship after the name of the lake which boasts the largest reservoir (2.9 billion tons) of domestic lakes, according to the custom that it has enacted as the name of the logistic support of the big lake. Compared to AOE-I, it has 2.3 times more capacity.

Since the late 1990s, there was been an increase in fleet construction. As the Navy is pursuing a plan to create a mobile front to monitor the North Korean threat. In addition, it monitors neighboring countries and will also carry out long-term operations. As a result, the importance of maritime logistics support has been highlighted. The Navy had three Cheonji class AOE-I logistical support ships in operation. If these aging ships are used, it was expected that military logistics support will become increasingly difficult.

South Korea Navy's first 10,000 ton class logistics support ship was launched in a ceremony on 29 November 2016 at Hyundai Heavy Industries. About 100 people attended the launching ceremony of Loyang, including Navy Chief of Staff Nominee Hyeom Sung, President of Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., and officials of Naval, Defense Business Administration and Shipyard. The ceremony was held in the following order: national ceremony, progress reports, declaration of the name, the commemoration of the president of Hyundai Heavy Industries, the congratulatory speech of the chief of the Navy, According to Navy customs, the wife of Chubin's chopper cut the line, and Mrs Kim Young-ok, the wife of Chief of the Navy's Chief of Naval Staff, cut off the rope with a hand ax, and then the launching ceremony was finished by breaking champagne on the ship's hull to pray for safe sailing.

At the ceremony, President Roh Moo-hyun said, "Loyalty is greatly enhanced by the ability of loading and maneuvering. It is a maritime strategic logistics support base that enhances our naval support for mobility. ... The operational area and sustainability of the Navy will greatly expand upon its operation, so that our Navy will protect the lives and property of the people and protect the maritime sovereignty of the Republic of Korea anywhere in the world."

"If Soyang is involved in the mission, the operational capability of the Navy 's maritime operations will greatly improve, and the scope of Korea' s maritime sovereignty will expand," the agency added. Moon Ji-jung, head of the Emergency Trap operation division, said, "Soyanghae will use its advanced technology such as hybrid propulsion system to enhance its loading capability and maneuverability speed, (PKO) and other non-military and humanitarian operations," he said.

The AOE-II has a maximum speed of 24 knots (44 km / h) with a length of 190 meters and a width of 25 meters. It will load 11050 tons of fuel, ammunition, housewives, etc. (AOE-I), which is 2.3 times higher than that of AOE-I - the active Tianchi, Daqing and Huachuan supply ships. In addition, the container filled with supply materials can be loaded directly on the hull, so that the speed of loading of the supply material is improved, and the flight deck and the helicopter hangar are equipped for vertical supply and personnel transfer using the helicopter.

The propulsion system has a hybrid system that can selectively use electric motor and diesel engine, so it has less noise and less fuel than other vessels, and it is equipped with close defense weapon system (CIWS) It is equipped with fire extinguishing system and double hull application. Compared to the existing AOE-I logistics support, the loading capacity improved 2.3 times. The ship uses a hybrid system with a speed of 24 knots and is equipped with short range defense weapons.

With more than 140 crew members operating, it is possible to load 10 1050 tons of supplies such as fuel oil, ammunition, housewife, etc. with a maximum speed of 24 knots (about 44 km / h). It is possible to operate economically by applying a hybrid propulsion system that can selectively use an electric motor and a diesel engine. With flight decks and hangars, it has secured its ability to deploy using helicopters.

The follow-up plan has yet to be confirmed, but the possibility of further construction is high. The only thing that can not said is that at least two such ships are needed to be dispatched to the operational fleet in turn. The more the fleet sets up long-range operations, the more it can emphasize the importance of military capabilities. It is the unfortunate reality of ROK military that there is not much awareness of military supply and transportation ability in many ways.

The ship's name is derived from the Soyang Lake, which boasts the largest reservoir of domestic lakes (2.9 billion tons), according to the custom of the Navy, which enacts the name of the big lake as the logistics support base.

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