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The 20-Year SRDP Strategic Plan

The studies conducted by the AFP to assess the strategic environment of the SRDP program led to the formulation of a 20-year SRDP Strategic Plan, with the vision of attaining a “Self-Reliant Defense Posture through a Local Defense Industrial Base that is sustainable, competitive, and responsive to the defense needs of the country”, and a mission of “Orchestrating the development of the Local Defense Industrial Base that can provide and sustain the materiel and technology requirements of the AFP.”

The accomplishment of the mission and the attainment of this vision is hinged on key concepts which, we believe, will be the foundation of our efforts to revitalize the SRDP Program. A centralized management structure has been identified as a viable structure in the management of R&D and production, which is capital intensive, has long-gestation and is high-risk in nature. Collaboration and Partnership has been identified as a catalyst for effective R&D by increasing the level of participation of the private sector in the local defense industry. A major trend in the global defense industry is the consolidation and focus of resources and R&D efforts. This is in response to the declining operating profitability of the industry due to reduced defense spending, increases in capital investment required, and heightened competition. Core Technology Development is one concept recognizing that resource constraints dictate that technology development shall be focused on core technology areas that will provide significant impact on defense operations. Lastly, the concept of Consistency and Predictability in the management systems and policies of the SRDP program will stabilize the business environment in the local defense industry and encourage more defense investors.

Following these strategic concepts, a comprehensive effort to orchestrate the development of the Defense Industries requires the accomplishment of certain strategic goals. First, is an Effective, Efficient, and responsive SRDP Program Management Structure through organizational reengineering and networking. Second, is a Positive Environment for the Development of the Local Defense Industrial Base. This will require collaboration and partnership with the defense industry, policy interventions, the formulation of clear and consistent policies, and strong public support. Third, is the Capability to Address the Materiel and Technology Requirements of the AFP by focusing on critical capability areas to optimize meager resources, and by developing local service and production capabilities in these critical areas. Fourth is the Enhanced Defense Technology for R&D and Production, by implementing defense technology acquisition programs, and undertaking collaborative R&D with public and private entities. Fifth, is the acquisition and mobilization of Adequate Resources to Support the SRDP Program.

Developments in the domestic and regional environments call efforts for the promotion of research, development, and innovation for the benefit of national wealth and self-sufficiency. However, in our efforts to attain this objective, domestic as well as regional players, should not venture on competition, but rather, on the establishment of ecosystems that will create demand, foster cooperative undertakings for products and services, enhance core competencies in the business as well as public sectors, improve the quality of products and services, and ultimately benefit the components of the ecosystem. This is the essence of the new direction of the SRDP Program. The AFP SRDP has been afforded a new lease at its own survival with the advent of the AFP Modernization Program.

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