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Air Logistics Command
Air Logistics and Support Command
Air Force Logistics Command

The mission of the Air Logistics Command is to provide logistics support to all Philippine Air Force units. Based at Clark Air Base, its specific functions include: Performing supply, maintenance, engineering, research and development and procurement services; planning, programing, implementing and evaluating PAF logistics activities; formulating, updating, and integrating logistics doctrines; and performing other functions as maybe directed by higher Headquarters.

The history of Air Logistics Command dates back during the declaration of martial law in the 1970s and the activation of the 55th Air Logistcs Division. Assigned to the Division were the 410th Maintenance Wing (formerly the 410th Air Material Wing), 420th Supply Wing, and 1307th PAF dental Dispensary. The mission of 55th Air Logistics Division, based at Nichols Air Base, was to provide air material support to the PAF and other agencies as directed.

The ouster of President Ferdinand Marcos from power in February 1986 created a new order that reshaped the organizational structure of the Philippine Air Force. One of the PAF Units that was affected was the 55th Air Logistics Division. On 1 October 1986 the unit was redesignated as the Air Force Logistics Command (AFLC). The 419th Motor Squadron was detached from 520th Air Base Wing and transferred to AFLC.

Just 2 months after the unit's redesignation, the AFLC was inactivated. This was the result of the decision by the Commanding General of the Philippine Air force that the AFLC was an unncessary additional layer of bureaucracy. In addition, the fiscal difficulties during the administration of President Cory Aquino fed the negative perception on AFLC. As a result the 410th Maintenance Wing reverted back to being a Major Support Unit of the PAF directly under the control of the Commanding General, PAF.

The passage of Republic Act Number 7898, otherwise known as Armed Forces of the Philippiens Modernization Act in 1995 had a direct affect on the structure and organization of the Philippine Air Force. It eventually led to the creation of Air Logistics and Support Command, pursuant to General Order Number 75, Headquarters Philippine Air Force, dated 15 April 1998. The unit started operation on 1 September 1998 with its headquarters facilities at the former USAF Silver Wing building at Clark Air Base, Pampanga. The unit had 4 operating units under its command: the 355th Aviation Engineering Wing, 410th Maintenance Wing, 420th Supply Wing, and the Air Force Research and Development Center.

On 1 May 2003, the PAF Procurement Center was transferred from the command of the Commanding General, Philippine Air Force to the ALSC. On 21 September 2004, Headquarters, Philippine Air Force issued General Orders Number 427, which resulted in the redesignation of the Air Logistics and Support Command to Air Logistics Command (ALC).

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