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420th Supply Wing
420th Logistics Wing
"The Provider"

The mission of the 420th Supply Wing is to provide supply support to all units of the Philippine Air Force. Based at Clark Air Base, its specific functions include: Managing the PAF supply inventory, storage, distribution, maintenance, and their disposal; managing PAF technical publications and providing printing services; and performs other functions as directed by higher headquarters.

The 420th Supply Wing traces its lineage back to 21 May 1945 when the 1st Air Materiel Squadron was activated under the 1st Air Materiel Group of the Philippine Army Corps. On 24 October 1947 the unit was redesignated as the 413th Air Supply Squadron. On 16 October 1963, the 410th Air Materiel Wing (PAF Depot) was activated and the 413th ASS was placed under its command and was designated as the Directorate of Supply and Services.

The 420th Logistics Wing was activated on 11 February 1974 from personnel taken from the 410th Air Materiel Wing. However, on 1 May 1976, the unit was inactivated and its mission relegated to the activated 421st Depot Supply Squadron. This too was relatively short lived and on 16 March 1979 the 420th Supply Wing was activated as part of the 55th Air Logistics Division.

The mission of the new Wing was to provide supply, POL (Petroleum, Oil and Lubricants) and ammunition to all PAF units. The 421st Depot Supply Squadron and the 416th POL Management Squadron were placed under the command of the Wing. Personnel from these squadrons were used as the core from which the Headquarters Administrative Service, 421st Depot Supply Squadron, 422nd POL Management Squadron, 423rd PAF Mini Mart Squadron, 424th Munitions Squadron and the 425th Wing Supply Squadron were organized.

On 1 January 1980 the Wing's subordinate units were reorganized. The units assigned included the 421st Inventory Management Squadron, 422nd Procurement Squadron, 423rd Payment and Accountability Squadron (with no personnel immediately assigned to it), 424th Warehousing and Issuance Squadron and the 425th Supply Squadron.

When Colonel Romeo S. David became Wing Commander on 17 February 1982, he introduced a "Directorate" type of organization. On 8 July 1982 the new organization was implemented composing of the Deputy for Operations, Deputy for Materiel, Director for Personnel and Administration, Director for Inventory Management (421st Inventory Management Squadron), Director for Procurement (422nd Procurement Squadron), Director for Warehousing and Distribution (424th Warehousing Squadron), Director for Funds and Management, Director for Property Disposal, Director of Technical Publications, Director for Ammunition and Data Processing, Director of Management Information Services, Public Information Office and Budget and Fiscal Office.

On 28 March 1983 the offices of the Deputy for Personnel, Deputy Commander for Operations and Services were organized. The Wing's subordinate units were again redesignated, to include the 421st Inventory Management Squadron, 422nd Procurement Squadron, 423rd Transportation Squadron, 424th Warehousing Squadron and the 425th Supply and Support Squadron. The 426th Property Disposal Squadron was also activated.

When Colonel Telesforo J. Tayko, Jr. took over as wing commander on 1 February 1984, the commander's rank was elevated to Brigadier General, boosting the significance of the wing. Under this new command the 423rd Transportation Squadron was dissolved and its functions absorbed by the 425th Supply and Support Squadron. The 424th Warehousing Squadron was designated as 423rd Warehousing Squadron and the 426th Property Disposal Squadron was designated as 424th Property Disposal Squadron.

In 1985 the 424th Property Disposal Squadron was relegated into a branch of the Directorate for Depot Supply. The PAF Mini Mart was also reactivated. In 1987 the 422nd Procurement Squadron was inactivated and in place the PAF Procurement Center (PAFPC) was activated. Also during 1987 the 55th Air Logistics Division was inactivated and the Air Force Logistics Command was activated. On 1 April 1987, the 420th Supply Wing, 421st Inventory Management Squadron, PAFPC, 423rd Warehousing Squadron, PAF Mini Mart, 425th Supply and Services Squadron and Supply Automation Services were placed under the command of the AFLC. In mid-1987 the PAFPC was placed under the command of the Commanding General, Philippine Air Force, effectively designating it as an Air Force-wide support entity.

To reflect the supply services the wing provided, in 1988, the subordinate squadrons were redesiganted the 421st Inventory Management Services, 423rd Warehousing Services and 425th Supply and Support Services. The 424th Disposal Services and the 428th POL Management Services were activated soon after. Also part of the reorganization, the PAF Mini-Mart was redesignated as the PAF Super Mart and the Supply Automation Services was redesignated as Logistics Information Services.

In 1989 the printing press function of the Air Adjutant's Office was transferred to 420th Supply Wing. The Logistics Information Services was also redesignated as the 427th Supply Management Information Services (SMIS). In 1991 the 429th Publishing and Distribution Services was activated. In 1993 the "service" moniker was dropped and the 420th Supply Wing's subordinated units were redesignated as squadrons. The 427th SMIS was redesignated as 427th Logistics Information Squadron (LIS).

The 423rd Warehousing Squadron was eventually renamed 423rd Warehousing and Brokerage Squadron in 1995. In 1996, the 427th LIS was inactivated and its functions were absorbed by the 421st IMS. Consequently, the 427th Armaments and Munitions Squadron was created. At that time the Wing consisted of the 421st Inventory Management Squadron, 423rd Warehousing and Brokerage Squadron, 424th Disposal Squadron, 425th Supply and Support Squadron, 426th PAF Super Mart, 427th Armaments and Munitions Squadron, 428th POL Management Squadron, 429th Publication and Distributions Squadron and the Headquarters Squadron.

On 6 February 1998, the Air Logistics and Support Command was activated and placed at Clark Air Base, Angeles City, Pampanga. Four operating units were placed under its command, including the 420th Supply Wing. As a result the 420th Supply Wing, then based at Villamor Air Base, transferred its operations to Clark. The transfer began on 5 August 1998 and was completed by 5 September 1998.

On 18 April 2005, Brigadier General Alfredo G. Ramirez, then Colonel Ramirez, became wing commander. He pursued the Wing's medium-term development goals crafted by the former leadership to realize an inventory of the total tangible assets of the PAF and the creation of supply control points in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. With the creation of the Inventory Task Group as a supply operations arm, the Wing succesfully conducted a physical inventory of all PAF assets to the different bases nationwide. To sustain the preliminary inventory effort and continually maintain an up-to-date inventory of all PAF properties along with other worthwhile rationale, the 420th Supply Wing was reorganized, pursuant to General Order Number 167, Headquarters, Philippine Air Force, dated 30 May 2006.

As part of this reorganization, 2 new Supply Groups were activated, the 421st Supply Management Group and the 422nd Supply Distribution Group. The 421st SMG consisted of the 4211th Supply Management Squadron, 4212th Revolving Fund Squadron and 4213th Publication and Distribution Squadron. The 422nd SDG consisted of the 4221st Supply Distribution Squadron, 4222nd Supply Distribution Squadron and 4223rd Supply Distribution Squadron.

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