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Ulema Anjuman Al Baiyinaat Bangladesh (UAB

Ulema Anjuman Al Baiyinaat Bangladesh (UAB) is formed by followers of Dhaka based religious organisation Razarbagh Dargah Sharif. The organisation operates from the Dargah situated in 5 Outer Circular Road, Dhaka. The present Peer of the Sharif is Syed Muhammad Mukhleshur Rahman. This group claims that it follows Sufi cult of Islam.

The significance of this group is that it is against Jamaat e-Islam and all other Islamic political parties. UAB believes that these parties are actually doing business in the name of religion. The group also feels that mainstream political parties like Awami League and Bangladesh Nationalist Party are not doing their job properly and such parties are there only for the sake of doing politics.

Interestingly, UAB favors trial of the war criminals of the liberation war of 1971. A major demand of the people of Bangladesh banking on which AL rode to victory.

Although the group claims that it is against terrorism and militancy but in its publications the newspapers daily Al Ehsan and monthly Anjuman Al Baiyinaat has written in support of jihad. An article published in Daily Al- Ehsan in argues, Muslims are blamed falsely as terrorists, militants at many news papers of World. Is not it the matter of the humiliation of the Muslims? Because the glorious Allah Pak stated in the kalamullah Sharif, Never mention Dead who sacrifices their life for the Jihad on the way of Allah Pak, even they are alive, Given Rizik. They must be mentioned Shahid or receivers of Shahadat in lieu of Dead militants.

UAB is against establishment of any sculptures in the country. It holds the view that sculptures are against Islamic tradition. The cadres of UAB on November 29 2008 attacked a sculpture in Dhakas business district Motijhilxviii. It also resists use of any Islamic religious terminologies and expressions in any secular form of literature, drama and feature films and regards this to be disrespect to the religion. The group demanded public apology from the Udichi Drama group, a well known theater group of the country for the use of name Muhammad as a name of one of the characters in a theatre staged in Rahshahi University in November 2008. On Udichis non compliance to UABs demand, it pleaded for death penalty be given to the members of the theatre group.

Al-ihsan wrote, After being repeatedly told, udichi apostates are not showing any sign of submission, nor any Tawbah or any apology in public. In such situation, it would be Fard-Wajib to implement the Islamic punishment, the death penalty to these apostates for the government of Bangladesh as well as the 2500 millions of Muslims of the world.

UAB claims that it has thirty lakh followers.

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