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Haibat Class Patrol Craft [PRC Hegu / Houku]

Four Hegu-class patrol craft, a Chinese variant of the Komar with a steel hull instead of wooden, were sold to Pakistan in 1981.

As of mid-2002 sources disagree as to the status of this class, with some reporting all four units in service, while others report only three units, and others report that all four have been withdrawn.


Propulsion/b> 4 Type L-12V-180 diesels; 4,800 hp(m) (3.53 MW); 4 shafts
Speed 37.5 knots
Range 400 miles at 30 kt
Length 88.6 feet (27 meters)
Beam 20.7 feet (6.3 meters)
Draft 4.3 feet (1.3 meters)
Displacement 68 tons standard; 79.2 tons full load
Complement 17 (2 officers)
Guns 2 USSR 25 mm/60 (twin)
MISSILES 2 SY-1 (CSS-N-1 Scrubbrush)

Name No Builder Launched Commissioned Notes

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