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VT-4 MBT / MBT-3000

On 20 April 2020, the first batch of VT-4s purchased by the Pakistan Army was officially shipped. Pakistan is also the third country after Thailand and Nigeria to equip this type of tank. It is said that they purchased a total of 100 vehicles. The "MBT-3000" main battle tank sold to Pakistan are produced independently in China and their export will greatly enhance the strength of Chinese manufacturers in the global market. Chinese industry built different levels of tanks - from the low-end WZ-120 to the more advanced MBT-3000 - targeting regions including the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America.

Pakistan began to consider purchasing VT-4 tanks as early as 2014. However, after Thailand began to purchase in batches in 2016, the Pakistani military still did not make a decision under the premise of completing multiple tests. At that time, Pakistan had tested the VT-4 and the Ukrainian T-84 "Oplot M" in its own country, hoping to select one of them for equipment.

The T-84 main battle tank was designed and manufactured by the Kharkov-Molozov Tank Design Bureau of Ukraine in the mid-1990s. The tank was designed on the basis of the former Soviet Union T-80UD main battle tank, and a series of modifications were subsequently carried out. Pakistan bought T-80UD tanks from Ukraine in the 1990s. Considering the origins of the T-84M and T-80UD tanks, whether the T-84M can join the Pakistan Army has also become the focus of attention from Pakistani netizens. A Pakistani netizen said in the country s military forum that relevant parties in Pakistan have obtained T-84M production licenses and licenses and will produce 60% of tank parts.

The VT-4 is the latest third-generation foreign trade main battle tank launched by China. The British media claims to be an upgraded version of the "Khalid" tank. VT-4 / MBT-3000 was developed by China North Industries Corporation. The main weapon includes a 125mm smoothbore gun, equipped with an automatic loader with 22 rounds of ammunition, which can guarantee a VT-4 launch rate of 8 rounds per minute.

It is equipped with a 125mm smoothbore gun with automatic reloading, which can launch a stable tail shelling armor piercing shell APFSDS), high-explosive anti-tank projectile (HEAT) and high-explosive projectile (HE), and can also launch artillery-launched missiles with a range of 5 kilometers. The VT-4 is equipped with an electronically controlled 1500 hp 12-cylinder 4-stroke water-cooled turbocharged diesel engine and is equipped with a Ch10000B hydraulic mechanical automatic transmission produced in China. Only automatic transmissions can be produced in the United States and Germany.

The overall layout of VT-4 is still the traditional model, that is, the driver is in front, the combatant is in the middle, and the engine is in the rear. The turret is a fully welded turret, and the introduction of composite armor has improved its protection capability. In addition, in order to enhance the defense of the side of the car body, it can also be equipped with explosive reactive armor. The new VT-4 tank is also called MBT-3000, with a maximum speed of 71 km / h, a speed of 42 km / h, and a travel distance of 500 km. It can cross a water barrier of 4-5 meters deep and a trench of 2.7 meters wide.

In addition, the VT-4 tank has also added a thermal imager and a panoramic observation system to improve the tank s reconnaissance capabilities, especially night combat capabilities. The VT-4 can also install remote control weapon stations as needed. The VT-4 uses a fully digital fire control system and uses dual CAN data buses for the first time. The hunting-J integrated fire control system is equipped with an independent gunner and commander second-generation refrigeration thermal imaging system, and an automatic tracking system with image stabilization. The captain and gunner have a video sighting system. In terms of protection, in addition to active protection devices, MBT3000 has also installed laser alarms, smoke bomb linkage, and a millimeter wave radar installation interface. Collective three-proof system. Composite materials are used for the side skirts.

The interior configuration of the tank is advanced, with air conditioning and other equipment. It has changed the style of the simple and rough appearance of Chinese weapons, which is comparable to that of Western first-class tanks. The Pakistani-purchased version is equipped with domestically produced FY-4 series reactive armor, and its protection capabilities have been comprehensively strengthened.

Pakistan and China cooperate very closely in the field of tanks. Although cooperation with other countries such as Ukraine is not ruled out, cooperation between China and Pakistan is getting deeper.

On April 20, 2020, Pakistan purchased the enhanced VT-4 main battle tank from China through payment through the Gulf countries. Moreover, the number of purchases is large, and the total number of orders is as high as 300, of which the first confirmed order is 176, with a total price of 860 million US dollars. The subsequent 124 vehicles are intended orders, which means that Pakistan will decide whether to continue purchasing after seeing the first batch. On April 20, 2020, the two vehicles from the Yiji Group were trial vehicles. In addition to adding FY-4 reactive armor, the power was also increased from 1300 horsepower to 1500 horsepower. It is not clear if there are other improvements.

In September 2020 Pakistan put its new Chinese VT4 tanks into service with one battalion of its armored division. The 52-ton VT4 is also known as the MBT3000, Pakistan placed its order for up to a hundred VT4s in early 2019 and these began arriving in early 2020. Pakistan would like to obtain more VT4s, ideally several hundred, but at $3 million each that depends on how much money Pakistan has. At the moment that is not much because Pakistan was broke.

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