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Hashmat Class (Fr Agosta-70)

In 1978 Pakistan contracted for two Agosta-70 class submarines with France. These submarines were inducted in the Pakistan Navy Fleet in 1978-79. In 1978 Pakistan contracted with France for 02 Agosta class submarines. These submarines were basically built for South African Navy but were withheld due arms sales embargo by United Nations. These submarines were smoothly and swiftly integrated in the Pakistan Navy fleet in 1978-79. The 02 Agosta submarines significantly increased Pakistans maritime offensive defense capability due their enhanced endurance, long underwater detection ranges, over the horizon targeting capability and increased firepower. The linear towed array sonar has provided her the flexibility to classify contacts at extended ranges.

PNS/M HASHMAT. Pakistan Navy Submarine HASHMAT was commissioned on 19 February 1979. She left France on 1 October 1979 and arrived in Pakistan on 30th of the same month. Since its induction in the Pakistan Navy, PNS/M HASHMAT has always been an efficient unit of the squadron and the Navy. She has actively participated in all the major exercises at home and abroad.

PNS/M HURMAT. Pakistan Navy Submarine HURMAT was commissioned on 18 February 1980. She left France on 11 August and reached Pakistan on 13 September 1980. She was efficiently integrated as the sister submarine of HASHMAT and enhanced the war potential of Pakistan Navy manifold. The submarine has been deployed on various national/international taskings.


Length 67.6m
Beam 6.8m
Draught 5.4m
Displacement surfaced 1450 tons
Displacement dived 1725 tons
Complement 8 Officers, 51 Sailors
Sensors Radar, ESM, Periscopes, Sonar Passive Towed Array
Armament 533TT (F-17 HWT)
Harpoon USGW 2 Missiles

Name No Builder Launched Commissioned Notes

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