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Shamsher Class (UK Leander Type 12)

The Type 12 Leander class frigates Shamsher [Shamsheer] and Zulfiquar were transferred to Pakistan from the United Kingdom in July and October 1988, respectively. They underwent extensive refits between 1991 and 1993. On 04 January 2007 the Pakistan Navy retired its Leander class frigate PNS Zulifiqar which was an ex-Royal Navy ship, acquired in 1988.


Power Plant 2 Babcock & Wilcox boilers (550psi; 850oF)
2 White/English Electric Turbines (30,000hp)
Two shafts
Length Overall Length: 372 ft
Waterline Length: 360 ft
Beam 43 ft
Draft 14.8 ft (keel)
18 ft (screws)
Displacement 2,500 tons standard
2,962 tons full load
Speed 28 knots
Range 4,000 (15 kts)
Complement 15 Officers, 235Sailors
Guns 2 Vickers 4.5 in (114 mm)/45 Mk 6 (twin)(20rds/min to 19km (10.3nm) AS/AA)
6 25mm/60 (3 twin)(270rds/min to 3km (1.6nm))
A/S mortars 3-barrelled Mortar Mk 10(Automatic loading; range 1km)
Radars Marconi Type 996
Plessey Type 993
Type 1006
ESM Ua-8/9/13
Radar warning
Helicopter SA 319B Alouette III

No Name Build Launc Comm Trans
Shamsher F 263 Diomede Yarrows 15 Apr 1969 02 Apr 1971 Jul 1988
Zulfiqar F 262 Apollo Yarrows 15 Oct 1970 28 May 1972 Oct 1988

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