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Khyber (Khaibar) Class (US Brooke)

The Khyber (Brooke) class frigates were leased by Pakistan from the United States for a 5-year term. Due to the Pressler Amendment, which denied Pakistan any further financial and military assistance for pursuing a military nuclear program, Pakistan had to return four Brooke (Badr)-class and four Garcia (Saif)-class frigates to the United States at the end of their lease.


Power Plant 2 boilers
1 turbine (35000hp)
1 shaft
Length 415 ft
Beam 44 ft
Draft 14.6 ft
24 ft (sonar dome)
Displacement 2643 tons standard
3426 tons full load
Speed 27 knots
Range 4000 miles (20kts)
Complement 214 (14 officers)
Armament 1 Tartar/Standard MR (single) Mk 22
5"/38 (single) Mk 56, 1 ASROC octuple launcher
1 5" 38-cal Mk 30
6-324mm US Mk 32 (2 triple) tubes for Mk 46 torpedoes

No Previous Name Builders Laid down Launched Commissioned Decommissioned Loaned on Returned
Khyber (Khaibar) Brooke 16 Sep 1988 Nov 1993 (scrapped)
Badr Julius A. Furer 31 Jan 1989 Jan 1989 Dec 1993 (scrapped)
Tabuk Richard L. Page 30 Sep 1988 Mar 1989 Jan 1994 (scrapped)
Hunian Talbot 30 Sep 1988 Apr 1989 Dec 1993 (scrapped)

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