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Babur [Tiger] /Haft-7 LACM

Pakistan has developed and flight tested for the first time on August 12, 2005 its own indigenously designed Babur LACM (Land Attack Cruise Missile) with multiple applications. It was designed to be land deployed on a TEL [transporter erector launcher] mount or ship mounted in groups of four storage launch bin. Launch is facilitated by a solid motor firing which helps start up the Turbo-fan Jet engine to takeover the propulsion operation. It is believed to have a limited range of 500 kilometers or perhaps 700-1,500 kilometers with greater altitude dependent on the mission and fuel / rate of consumption as well as the payload masses in the 300-500 kilograms trade offs. It range performance is considerably reduced with its operational environment which limits it to low level ocean or terrain hugging map following inertial navigation guidance system. It is said to be capable of carrying nuclear ordnance.

Though it greatly resembles the U. S. Harpoon and Tomahawk LACM/ALCM its actual heritage may have been a combination of reverse engineering of several systems available to its designers. One is known to be the US Harpoon cruise missile as well as the Russian heritage Kh-55 cruise missile received from the Ukraine . Whether any reverse engineering of the U. S. Tomahawks recovered from failed flights in Afghanistan was involved remains uncertain though much was publicly available for the plan form. China also received six copies of the Ukrainian provided Kh-55 which lead to its CH-10 in addition to Pakistan receiving several copies of the Russian Kh-55.

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