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Army Aviation Operations

Aviation support has been extended to the friendly countries on numerous occasions for enhancing the friendly ties.

  • Combat Group elements were deputed for providing security to the United Nation's mission in 1994. The mission was effectively conducted, and aviation elements were the last to withdraw on completion of assignment.
  • Sierra Leone United Nation Mission (UNAMSIL)Aviation contingent deputed for UNAMSIL consists of following pilots/helicopters:-
  • Mozambique - In 1976, on the eve of independence of Mozambique, technical support of pilots, engineers and maintenance persons were despatched to Mozambique for making their helicopters airworthy and training of their pilots / technicians.
  • Bangladesh - 2 x UH-1H helicopters along with 6 x pilots and 10 x maintenance persons were sent to Bangladesh for Cyclone Relief operations in 1991.
  • Sri Lanka - May 1971 - 2 x Alouette-III helicopters along with flying and maintenance crew were sent to Sri Lanka in May 1971 to assist them in fighting the insurgency.
  • SAARC Summit - An Aviation contingent comprising Alouette-III helicopters, 5 x officers and 8 x technicians proceeded to support the Sri Lankan government during SAARC Summit in 1993.

The magnitude and the spread of the earthquake on 8th October, 2005 in Azad Kashmir, NWFP and other regions of Pakistan was huge and brought a devastation that all past catastrophes looked miniscule. It was in scale of 7.6 but the scale of the human misery and material damage was been enormous. The orderly movement and putting in place an organization for coordination was an institutional arrangement of a professional army. Many a thing had to be done concurrently, but the most important was the access to far-flung affected areas. On one hand was the action to open roads while on the other hand to link up with affected areas and people by deploying helicopters. The limited helicopter assets of Pakistan were supplemented by assistance from friendly countries.

The Directorate of Logistics of Pakistan Army at Chaklala was operating a Command Center set up in bunker with officers scheduling the helicopter movement from tents put up on the side of the runways by Col. Tariq. The tons of relief goods received from foreign governments to Pakistan government, foreign NGOs to Pakistan government as well as other local relief goods from Chaklala to forward bases initially and later directly to far flung affected areas. They moved over 12,000 tons of relief goods - 40% by helicopters and 60% by road. Under the command of DG LOG Maj. General Jamil Haider, the directorate sent about 72,000 tents, 600,000 blankets, 2,600 tons of ration including 4,000 bags each of 25 kg relief goods, 650 tons of medicines and water, clothes and other items. All this was possible by deploying up to 600 trucks and about 80 helicopters making sorties from dawn to dusk, day after day in an orderly fashion.

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