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Nigerian Army - Modernization

The army had [by one count] 236 main battle tanks, 140 light tanks, 317 tracked armored personnel carriers, 127 wheeled armored personnel carriers, 542 reconnaissance vehicles, 49 self-propelled artillery, 109 towed artillery, 21 multiple rocket launchers, and numbers of mortars, antitank guided weapons, recoilless launchers, air defense guns, surface-to-air missiles, and surveillance vehicles. Most of this equipment was not serviceable.

Between 2001 and 2008, the Nigerian Armed Forces entered into contractual agreements and/or taken delivery of the following:

  • NINE Mi-34 helicopters
  • SIX Mi-35P gunships
  • Mi-24 gunships
  • FOUR Mi-17 utility choppers
  • SEVEN Agusta A109 Power helicopters
  • FOUR Agusta A139 helicopters
  • 77 units of T-72 tanks
  • 16 units of AMX-30 tanks
  • 50 additional units of T-55 tanks
  • 67 units of MT-LB APC/IFVs
  • 193 units of Otokar Cobra APCs
  • 47 units of BTR-3 APCs
  • 18 units of BTR-70 APCs
  • 6 units of BTR-60 APCs (probably complimentary hardware from Russia)
  • 18 units of Panhard M3 APCs
  • 70 additional units of 8X8 MOWAG APCs
  • 18 additional units of Oto Melara 105 mm howitzers
  • 23 additional units of Palmaria 155mm self-propelled howitzers
  • 48 units of BOFORS Archer 155 mm gun-howitzers

Unserviceable Army Equipment - 1999

Scorpion Tanks345387
Sargie Tanks52429
Eagle Main Battle Tanks715166
T55 Main Battle Tanks264369
Saladin Recce Vehicles-44
60mm Panhard Vehs6062122
VBl Panhard Reece Vehicles413071
Ferret Recce Vehicles-22
Steyr APC33942
155mm self propelled (OTO}211132
155mmFH 77B91120
105mmPack Howtzer453580
105mm (Yugo)12618
122mm 0-30 Howtzer682896
40/70mm Bofors3811
ZSU-23-4 (Shilka)211435
Rowland Missile System5712
35mm Anti Aircraft Guns12416
37mm Anti Aircraft Guns-1111
Source: AHQ DAPP, DOAl and ACCS, as at 18 December, 1999

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