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Nigeria Air Force - Commands

The Nigerian Air Force is currently made up of six Commands namely: Tactical Air Command (TAC with headquarters in Makurdi), Special Operations Command (SOC), Mobility Command (MC) with Headquarters in Yenagoa, Training Command (ATC) with headquarters in Kaduna, Ground Training Command (GTC) and Logistics Command (LC) with headquarters in Lagos.

The Tactical Air Command was established for the purpose of centralization of Command with a view to providing joint operational doctrine for the use of NAF air tactical forces. Similarly, Special Operations Command was established to provide combat support capabilities. Mobility Command is responsible for performing the air power role of tactical and strategic airlift in support of military operations and government.

The Training Command was established for the purpose of planning and coordinating the administrative and operational command of all NAF training activities, while the Logistics Command was established to supply and maintain all the NAF operational equipment as well as infrastructural facilities required for the effective accomplishment of NAF assigned tasks. Training Command has become relatively enlarged overtime as new schools are established. The command has 6 schools and 9 other units, which has made its span of control to become too wide in terms of their diverse roles. The Command was to be unbundled into 2 Commands; Air Training Command for aircrew training and Ground Training Command for other trades. All the flying training schools including air combat training schools at Kainji and Enugu come under the Air Training Command while all ground training schools placed under the Ground Training Command.

In addition to the major commands, there are some other formations which are directly answerable to HQ NAF. These are Nigerian Air Force Holdings Company comprising of the Aeronautical Engineering and Technical Services Limited, Nigerian Air Force Post-Service Housing Development Limited, Nigerian Air Force Investment Limited, and Nigerian Air Force Properties Limited. others are, the Pay and Accounting Group, the Personnel Management Group and the Air Force Institute of Technology.

Tactical Air Command

The Tactical Air Command (TAC) is the main arm of the Service under which all the fighting formations or units are grouped. It is tasked with the tactical training and provision of operational elements/resources necessary for the attainment of the NAF Mission. The Command comprises 10 groups in 12 locations reporting directly to the Air Officer Commanding (AOC). All dedicated combat aircraft and most of the airlift assets of the NAF are operated by TAC. The headquarters of TAC is located at Makurdi and it is commanded by an AOC. While the tactical area of operational responsibility of 3 Armoured Division covers the north-eastern sector, 1 Mechanized Division covers the north-western sector. TAC has responsibility to provide air support to both formations.

Training Command

The Training Command (TC) is responsible forthe implementation of NAF local training policies and programs. Itsheadquarters is at Kaduna and is headed by an AOC. TC comprises of 11 groups and one center spread over 4 locations reporting directly to the AOC. Each of the groups has one or more specialized schools for the various manpower needs of the NAF. Technical manpower which comprises aircrafts engineers, aircrew, air traffic controllers and meteorologists among others are trained in the NAF 320 Technical Training Group (320 TTG), which comprises seven schools namely: Officers Engineering School, Aircraft Maintenance School, Supply Management School, Electronics Engineering Maintenance School, Armament Maintenance Training School, General Academics School and the Works and Services School. The Air Force 320 Technical Training Group Kaduna has been converted to Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) in the effort to position the force to meet contemporary technological challenges.

Logistics Command

The Logistics Command is responsible for theimplementation of the logistics policies of the NAF. It is also responsible forthe procurement, distribution, maintenance and sustenance of all systems andequipment in the NAF. The Command has 3 maintenance depots, a hospital and a Base Services Group. Its headquarters is at Ikeja and it is commanded by an AOC.

By 2007 the NAF aircraft maintenance facilities at Kainji, Makurdi, Ikeja and Kaduna, which were equipped with functional specialized equipment and facilities to conduct in-depth third line maintenance on NAF aircraft, were degraded. The degradation also included workshop test benches and calibrating equipment. The state of these facilities and equipment impinged on maintenance activities.

By 2009 the 401 Air Craft Maintenance Depot (ACMD), which was established as a center for NAF heavy, medium transport aircraft and helicopters could no longer complement this objective adequately. Major maintenance of NAF fleets were being done abroad due to the poor state of the 401 ACMD. But in 2007 the sum of N3,405,490,938bn was released for aircraft maintenance, however in 2008, the release for aircraft maintenance dropped to N1,475,765,485. This represent a decline of nearly 30 percent in funding NAFs fleet maintenance. Thus, the situation constrained NAF ability to put its fleets operational. But in countries like India, the nation air force serve as a hub for aircraft maintenance and other technical support to private aviation companies.

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