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Myanmar - Mon - First Hongsawatoi Dynasty - AD 573-781

Kings of Pegu
First Hongsawatoi Dynasty
#Reign Kingrelation
1573-585Thamala Kumarafounder
3592-599Katha Kum maNephew
4599-606Mahumu arinda radzaSon
5606-623Mahintha RadzaSon
6623-635Geinda RadzaBrother
7635-650Mahimu Mig ga dib ba RadzaSon
8650-660Gits tsa wi yaSon
9660-672Kara wi ka RadzaSon
10672-685Tsan da la Radza??
11685-700At ta tha Radza??
12700-712Anuma RadzaSon
13712-722Mahumu Mig ga dib ba nge??
14722-734Mahimu Egga Thamanda RadzaBrother
15734-746Uba ma la radzaSon
16746-761Pun na ri ka radza??
17761-781Thamin Tiktha,titha,or TissaRadzaSon

A gap of about 500 years occurs in the annals of Pegu, during which the names of no native kings are entered. The two last kings in this list probably represent two periods, the religious ascendancy or religious strife of Brahmanists and Buddhists, extending over about three hundred years. The close of Thita's reign would synchronise with the conquest of Pegu and Sa-Htom (Thahtun) by Anaurahta about AD 1050, when Pegu became subject to Burma for about two hundred and thirty years from 1057 to 1287.

Myanmar History Map - 900 AD By the ninth century AD the nations had consolidated themselves - the Burmans in the greater part of what is now Upper Burma; the Mon on the Lower Irrawaddy, the Sittang, and the Salween; while the Khmer were at the height of their power, with magnificent towns and temples in Cambodia. A number of Mon cities flourished, among them Thuwannabhumi (Suvannabhumi, "Land of Gold") of the Mons [825-1043].

In the fourteenth century the Tai moved from Tali, and overran Northern Burma, forcing the Burmese down on the Mon, and occupying the delta of the Menam, thus finally separating the two chief nations of the Mon-Khmer family. In the sixteenth century the Burmans and Mons may be said to have merged. They fought as vigorously as ever, and first one and then the other had the upper hand, until in the end Alaungpayah crushed the Mon, and founded Rangoon to punctuate his victory.

The ancient books recording the history of the kingdom of Pegu were destroyed when the kingdom was conquered by the Burmans, and only a list of kings remains, ending with the name of King Titha, who ruled from 761 to 781 AD. But it is believed that Buddhaghosa brought the Tripitaka or Buddhist Scriptures to Thaton about the year 450 AD. From that time onward the disputes between Buddhists and Brahmins must have become more acute, and the country was probably much disturbed by their quarrels. Buddhist doctrine finally won the day.

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