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Brigades [Brigada]

The principal maneuver units of the Mexican army as of 1996 were, according to the Library of Congress Country Study six brigades and a number of independent regiments and infantry battalions. The brigades, all based in and around the Federal District (encompassing the Mexico City area), are the only real maneuver elements in the army. With their support units, they were believed to account for 40 percent of the country's ground forces. The army in 1996 had seven brigades: one armored, two infantry, one motorized infantry, one airborne, one combined military police and engineer brigade, and the Presidential Guard Brigade. The armored brigade was one of two new brigades formed since 1990 as part of a reorganization made possible by an increase in overall strength of about 25,000 troops. The brigade consisted of three armored and one mechanized infantry regiment.

Each of the two infantry brigades consisted of three infantry battalions and an artillery battalion, for a total of six infantry battalions. The motorized infantry brigade was composed of three motorized infantry regiments. The airborne brigade consisted of two army battalions and one air force battalion.

As of 1996 it was reported that the elite Presidential Guard [Cuerpo de Guardias Presidenciales] reported directly to the Office of the President and was responsible for providing military security for the president and for visiting dignitaries. The Presidential Guard was said to consist of three infantry battalions, one special force battalion, and one artillery battalion. The corps, which consists of army personnel assigned to the Presidential General Staff and the 1st Infantry (Presidential Guard) Brigade, was established in 1947. The mission of the Presidential Guard Brigade is to guarantee the safety of the president of the republic, guard his residence and other related installations, and conduct ceremonies.

As of 2006, J. Díez in "The Mexican Armed Forces in Transition" reported that chief among the independent troops was the First Army Corps consisting of two mechanized infantry brigades located in Mexico City, with a full complement of combat and support troops, including the Special Forces of the First Army Corps [Fuerzas Especiales del Primer Cuerpo del Ejército]. In addition, there were two brigades of the Corps of Military Police, Special Forces units, Presidential Guards (another motorized brigade) and a parachute brigade - all located in Mexico City where they act as a ready reserve and as centers of excellence.

The Library of Congress - Federal Research Division Country Profile: Mexico, July 2008 reports that "The principal units of the Mexican army are nine infantry brigades and a number of independent regiments and infantry battalions. The main maneuver elements of the army are organized in three corps, each consisting of three infantry brigades, all based in and around the Federal District."

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By early 2010 it was possible to indentify the existence of at least four Armored Brigades [Brigada Blindada], at least three Independent Infantry Brigades [Brigada de Infantería Independiente] and one Light [Ligera] Infantry Brigade, at least one Parachute Rifle Brigade [Brigada de Fusileros Paracaidistas], and at least three Military Police Brigades [Brigada de Policía Militar], and the Presidential Guard Corps [Cuerpo de Guardias Presidenciales]. As of 1993 the 1st Independent Infantry Brigade appeared to be assigned to the Presidential Guard Corps, but as of 2003 it was undoubtedly assigned to the First Army Corps. This represents a total of 14 Brigade level formations, as many as twice as many as previously reported.

Unlike infantry battalions, which are always denominated by arabic numerals, the Brigades are frequently identified by Roman numbers or by numbers [eg, IV or Cuarta].

Brigada / Brigade
Cuerpo de Guardias PresidencialesDistrito Federal
Brigada de Fusileros Paracaidistas ... ...
1ª Brigada Blindada... ...
2/a. Brigada Blindada... ...
3/a. Brigada Blindada... ...
4/a. Brigada BlindadaSarabia, Gto.
1/a. Brigada de Infantería Independiente... ...
2/a. Brigada de Infantería IndependienteDistrito Federal
3/a. Brigada de Infantería Independiente... ...
4/a. Brigada de Infantería LigeraIrapuato, Gto.
Primera Brigada de Ingenieros Militares... ...
1/a. Brigada de Policía Militar... ...
2/a. Brigada de Policía Militar Santa Lucia, Estado de México
3/a. Brigada de Policía Militar... ...

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