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KD Sri Indera Sakti
Multi Purpose Command Support Ships (MPCSS)

KD Sri Indera Sakti is 4,300-ton, 100-meter multi-role support ship of the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) based in the LumutNaval Base in Perak, Malaysia. Small warships on operations at sea need the support of "mother" ships or tenders. In the RMN, this job is undertaken by two Multi-Purpose Command and Support Ships, the KD Sri Indera Sakti and KD Mahawangsa. These ships are however also usable as command and control ship and troop transport as a large operations room, vehicle holds and diver compression chamber is included in their configuration.

One built in Germany, one to a slightly different design in South Korea. Can serve in a variety of support roles: logistics, transport, amphibious transport, small craft tender, training ship, etc. These ships are used as training ships for cadets in addition to main roles of long-range Support of Patrol Forces and MCM vessels, command and Communications and troop or ammunition transport. Form 31 Squadron. Fitted with stabilising system, vehicle deck, embarkation ramps port and Starboard, recompression chamber and a stern anchor. Large operations room and a conference room are provided. Transfer stations on either beam and aft, light jackstay on both sides and a 15 ton crane for replenishment at sea. 1504 has additional capacity to transport ammunition and the funnel has been removed to enlarge the flight deck which is also higher in the superstructure. A 100 mm gun included in original design but used for OPVs.

The warship, commissioned in October, 1980, is 100m in length, 50m in width and weighing 4,450 tonnes. It is also equipped with advanced weapon systems and a helicopter. The warship is able to transport 16 heavy artillery vehicles. In 2008 to 2009, the warship was involved in operations at the Gulf of Aden to fight pirate activities along the coast of Somalia. In December 2008, KD Sri Indera Sakti dispatched two helicopters that successfully repelled two Somali pirate skiffs attempting to capture the Indian tanker MT Abul Kalam Azad. Armed Somali pirates that boarded Chinese crane ship Zhenhua 4 were about to blow the bridge wide open when the Royal Malaysian Navy came to the rescue. Nine pirates ran helter-skelter without firing a single shot after there were surprised by the twin machineguns of KD Sri Inderasakti’s Fennec helicopter gunship. The crew on the Zhenghua 4 had earlier locked themselves on the bridge and held off the pirates, which came on two skiffs, for several hours. The Fennec gunship’s response was the first time an aircraft was deployed to engage pirates holding a merchant vessel in the Gulf of Aden. The Inderasakti had taken over from the KD Mahawangsa on Dec 12 in the ongoing Ops Fajar to safeguard Malaysian merchant vessels plying the dangerous Gulf of Aden.

In 2009, the ship again thwarted pirate attempts to capture the MV tank Abul Kalam Azad. Two pirate boats trying to catch the tanker were stopped by a helicopter sent from KD Sri Indera Sakti and another from the Royal Saudi Navy. KD Sri Indera Sakti has been a platform for members of the RMAF Volunteer Reserve Team (PSSTLDM) to undergo sea training since 2014. During the search for MH370, KD Sri Indera Sakti was also mobilized to carry out the search. In early January 2018, KD Sri Indera Sakti successfully rescued a fisherman who fell from a boat in Lumut waters.

Despite reaching the age of 38, KD Sri Indera Sakti is still serving the people and sailing the country's waters. It may be considered 'old', but as a result of the culture of maintenance and efficient management of the RMN, KD Sri Indera Sakti is still spreading its services to the country.

In order to ensure the ship's readiness is up-to-date and ready to move, KD Sri Indera Sakti is also undergoing modernization where advanced equipment installations include a modern navigation system called ECDIS as well as navigation radar capable of detecting 120 nautical miles and the Forward Looking Electro Optic System ( FLES) has been installed on this ship. In addition, the ship is also equipped with an X-Band system whereby centralized communication systems through the integration of the latest equipment can be applied and any information can be transmitted directly to the Operations Center. In addition, the Ship is also undergoing modernization of the power system and the main power distribution system. The modernization has enabled the management of the ship's power to be better controlled and efficient, with a minimum level of failure.

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