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SS 566 Uzushio

The Uzushio (Whirlpools) class submarines have been retired, and should not be confused with ships of subsequent classes with the same name, such as Uzushio (SS 592) or Makishio (SS 593). This class was the Maritime Self Defense Force's first single-axial propulsion system with a tear drop hull, similar to the American Barbell class submarine. It was also the first Maritime Self Defense Force submarine equiped with the torpedo tubes in the submarine's central part. Built with NS63 steel, they were originally fitted with the ZQQ-2 sonar, which was replaced by ZQQ-3 later.

A total of eight units of this class were planned under the 1974 budget, but with the oil shock, negotiation of the construction place and estimated value, at the time the plan was discontined and diverted funding to other warship kinds. Most were converted to training submarines [ATSS] during the final few years of service. Japanese training submarines retain their torpedo tubes, but the torpedo rooms are converted into berthing and instructional spaces for trainees.

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