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Type 5 Ho-Ri

the Ho-Ri was supposed to be an Elefant-inspired heavy tank destroyer, based on the Chi-Ri chassis. The Ho-Ri tank destroyer is a project based on the Type 5 Chi-Ri hull. Type 5 Chi-Ri was the most advanced Japanese medium tank, developed by the end of the war for defending Japan from the invasion. It was better than the Sherman and there were several projects, including a Chi-Ri II, if I understand it correctly (various armament variants were proposed too, including a belt-fed 75mm and an indigenous 88mm gun). In its ultimate form, it would be roughly equal to Panther II.

The Ho-Ri I was a powerful tank destroyer (gun tank) using a 105 mm cannon in place of the 75 mm gun design and an additional 37 mm gun in the front armored plate. The armor was to be 30 mm thick and it was to have a crew of six. It used the Type 5 Chi-Ri tank chassis. The superstructure for the main gun was placed at the rear, the engine was positioned in the center area of the chassis and the driver's station was in the front hull section; all similar in design to the German Ferdinand/Elefant heavy tank destroyer.

The 105mm cannon was specifically designed for the Ho Ri tank destroyers. It had an auto loader and the rounds are single piece. To help with the increase influx of gas from the cannon during high RoF, a ventilation system was on top of the fighting compartment. There is also a periscope at the top of the fighting compartment. This periscope would be used in long range shooting.

According to several sources, no prototypes were known to have been completed, though there is at least one photograph of thethe experimental Type 5 gun tank Ho-Ri I mock-up scale model. Another source states that by March 1945, a total of 5 Ho-Ri gun tanks were produced; further production was halted due to American bombing raids. The vehicles were reported to have eventually been destroyed or disposed of in deep lakes shortly before Japan's surrender to US forces in order to prevent their capture.

Type 5 Ho-Ri
Length~ 6.5 m
Width~ 3.0 m
Height~ 3.1 m
Weight~ 37 t
  • 1 x 105mm gun
  • Armor~ 12-75mm
    MachineryKawasaki Type 98 water-cooled aircraft engine, max 800hp but detuned to 550hp
    SuspensionBell crank
    Speed~ 45 km/h
    Range~ 250 km

    Type 5 Ho-Ri Type 5 Ho-Ri

    Type 5 Ho-Ri

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