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DDA Takatsuki Class

The Takatsuki anti-aircraft model escort ship was built as part of the Second Defense buildup plan. Japan resumed construction of the warships in 1953, and in 1965 the Second Defense buildup plan decided that multi-use design escort ships with anti-aircraft and anti-submarine capabilities were required. Four of these escort ships were commissioned, though they are being phased out and modified to auxiliary training vessels.

The Takatsuki type were equipped with a 127 millimeter single equipment rapid fire gun and ASROC, DASH and the advanced sonars which were up-to-date equipment even in the American navy of that time. ASROC and 127 millimeter gun presently are equipped, but DASH is not used today. The Drone Anti Submarine Helicopter (DASH) is a the radio-contolled helicopter which carries a torpedo, which is dropped on the basis of the search data of the sonar. This weapon could attack to a distance of up to 12 times that of ASROC. There was a problem in the point of reliability, and because the production in America was discontinued, consumption of the equipment led to it being cancelled at the Maritime Self Defense Force. The helicopters were removed in 1977.

DD-164 Takatsuki does not carry Mk15 Block 0 CIWS. Only DD-165 has fin stabilisers. All were originally fitted with forward and aft single Mk42 127mm guns, ASROC, 375mm Rocket Launchers and 324mm Torpedo Tubes, a DASH pad and hanager. Both Mochizuki (DD-166) and Nagatsuki (DD-167) are still fitted as such and were never modernised. Mochizuki (DD-166) was converted to a training ship in 1995, and Nagatsuki (DD-167) was struck in 1996.

With the obsolescence of equipment, for modernizing and warship age extension the equipment repair was done in the 1980s. During 1984-85 DD164 had the aft Mk42 gun removed, the DASH hanger & VDS replaced by Harpoon, Sea Sparrow and SQR-18. During 1985-86 DD165 was refitted as DD164, and probably also fitted with Phalanx at this time. The ESM & ECM were also modernised. In 1989 the Phalanx was added on DD164. The ships are fitted with Link 14. The helicopter is not loaded due to FRAM remodelling construction.


Number 31, a 1772-ton Mutsuki class destroyer, was built at Maizuru Dockyard, Japan. Completed in November 1926, she received the name Kikuzuki in 1928. On 4 May 1942, while supporting the Japanese occupation of Tulagi, Solomon Islands, she was attacked by aircraft from USS Yorktown (CV-5) and was sunk near shore in Halavo Bay, a few miles east of Tulagi. Shortly afterwards, she slipped into deeper water and was completely submerged. In mid-1943, the U.S. Navy undertook the salvage of Kikuzuki, in an effort to gain intelligence about Japanese weapons and other capabilities. Later in 1943, after salvage work was largely completed, she was moved into nearby Purvis Bay and allowed to settle in shallow water. Her wreck remains visible to this day, though it is now much deteriorated.

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