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DDG-168 Tachikaze Class

The Tachikaze class DDG is the 2nd generation Guided Missile Destroyer of the Maritime Self-Defense Force. These ships have been improved in succession from their completion, especially in communication and direction system. This type will be occupied in the important position in JMSDF together with AEGIS ships.

The DDG 163 AMATSUKAZE, with the new technology provided by the United States, was the Self Defense Force's first missile carrying escort ship, but the Maritime Self Defense Force did not build another missile escort ship for over a decade thereafter. The 1971 budget was important, providing for the fleet air defense escort ship DDG 168 Tachikaze. The hull was larger in comparison with the AMATSUKAZE, since the armament was the large-size 5 inch gun and it mounted the weapon system which controls the Tartar anti-aircraft missile.

In addition, the DDG 168 Tachikaze furthermore improved the missile system, with the Tartar anti-aircraft missile and the Harpoon anti-warship missile. The Tartar anti-aircraft missile afterwards was converted to the Standard anti-aircraft missile. Furthermore, the Tachikaze became a flagship of the Maritime Self Defense Force guard fleet in late 1997, following improvements in the command equipment and the removal of the aft 127mm gun. DD-170 Sawakaze is the only ship in JMSDF capable of firing RGM-84 from the Mk13 launcher (Mod4).

The Tachikaze type was the warship which for the first time introduced the computer in earnest to the warships of the Maritime Self Defense Force. The data from various sensors is lumped together and processed with the direction system OYQ-1b. For the Tachikaze type the OYQ-1b, and the OYQ-2b, were replaced with the improved OYQ-4.

Construction of the Tachikaze type was influenced by the oil shock. The construction plan was late anyhow from the influence of soaring of commodity prices, and also equipment and parts. The result was that the construction expense of the Tachikaze was 18,488,000,000 Yen, but with the Sawakaze the budget amount reached 45,888,500,000 Yen.

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