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T-4 Middle Trainer

The Kawasaki T-4 was developed for replacement of JASDF middle trainer, T-33 and Fuji T-1. The development work started in 1981, and the first prototype made its first flight on 29 July, 1985. Currently the 31st and 32nd squadron, 1st Wing of JASDF are equiped with T-4 as middle trainer. And also many tactical units of JASDF are using T-4 as liaison aircraft. It is the most popular unit with Kawasaki T-4 is the famous "Blue Impulse" acrobat team.

Plans to evolve Kawasaki's T-4 trainer into a heavier, supersonic derivative have also been shelved, eliminating another potential new design project. Deliveries of the baseline T-4 ended in 2003.

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