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IJN Kashima Class Battleships

Standard Displacement 16,400 tons
Dimension Length:128m
Width: 23.8m
Depth: 8.1m
Main Engine 2 shaft 4 cycle VTE
20 Niclausse boilers
Horsepower 15,800shp
Maximum Speed 18.5kts
Range 10,000nm at 10kts
Coal 2,007
Armor Belt 9in
Forward belt 4in
Aft belt 2 1/2in
Upper belt 6in
barbettes 12 - 5in
Turrets 9in
CT 9in
Deck 2in with 3in slope
Armament 4 12in/45 (2x2)
4 10in/45
12 6in/45
14 3.1in/40
2 3.1in/28
5 18in TT sub
Crew 864

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