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DD-122 Hatsuyuki Class

Plan 1978 mid-term estimate
Standard Displacement 2,950ton
3,050ton (DD129-132)
Boudary Dimension Length: 130m
Width: 13.6m
Depth: 8.5m
Draft: 4.2m / 4.4m (DD129-132)
Boat Shape Long forecastle type
Main Engine Gas turbine x4
(Kawasaki Rolls Royce Tine RM1C x2 for cruising / Olympus TM3B x2 for high speed only);
COGOG, 2 shafts propulsion
Horsepower 45,000ps
Maximum Speed 30kt
Crew 200
Gun 76mm 62cal rapid fire gun x1
20mm Close-In Weapons System (CIWS) x2
Anti-aircraft Armament Short-range SAM Sea Sparrow
Anti-warship Armament SSM Harpoon
Anti-submarine Armament ASROC launcher x1
Torpedo Armament Type 68 Triple torpedo tubes x2
Fire Control  
Air Search Radar OPS-14-B
Surface Search Radar OPS-18-1
Sonar OQS-4 hull
Aircraft SH-60J anti-submarine helicopter x1

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