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DDG Hatakaze Class

The Hatakaze class DDG is the 3rd generation in the Guided Missile Destroyer of the Maritime Self-Defense Force, and is its first gas turbine propulsion warship. The Hatakaze design moved the artillery which was on the rear deck in earlier classes to the front deck, in order to provide a helicopter arrival and departure deck in the rear deck. However, there is no equipment to support the helicopter.

The Mk-13 standard SAM single launcher is installed in the front deck, and the launcher is protected from the ocean waves in the bow part. It is equiped with the Standard anti-aircraft missile which evolved from the Tartar anti-aircraft missile. In addition it also carries the Harpoon anti-warship missile and the ASROC anti-submarine rocket.

The basic armament is similar to that of the Tachikaze type, but efficiency improvements are assured in many points. Especially, those able to function as a group flagship. The command function of the group is placed in the DDH basically, but in order to be able to change the command warship, in case the DDH is absent with repair, the design makes provision for functioning as a command ship.

The tactical control system is the OYQ-4-1 type. Details are unclear, the system includes the UYK-20 computers. Until the Aegis warship appeared, it was said that it was the most powerful information processing capability in an escort ship. In addition the LINK-11 and the LINK-14 is equipped for information exchange with the NTDS warships.

A feature with respect to appearance, the missile launcher is moved to the bow from the stern, unlike the Tachikaze type. This is because it responds quickly to threat from the front, and also makes room at the stern where the helicopter arrival and departure less crowded.

Two sets of -05 type Auxiliary Generating gas turbine (1,200kW), which is a power-up type of -02 type, are installed on each "Hatakaze" type DDG vessel (total 2 ships), two sets on the experimental ship "Asuka" one set on the training vessel "Kashima" and total 7 sets are Installed.


Shimakaze, a 3048-ton destroyer, was built at Maizuru, Japan. Completed in May 1943, she was extraordinarily large and fast, with a very heavy torpedo armament. Shimakaze was sunk by U.S. Navy carrier-based aircraft in the Philippines area on 11 November 1944.

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