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DDG 163 Amatsukaze (Guided Missile Destroyer)

Sign DDG
Warship kind Missile escort ship
Boat shape: Flat deck type
Standard displacement 3,050 tons
Total length 131.0m
Width 13.4m
Draft 4.2m
Main engine Ishikawajima GE impulse type steam turbine x 2 basic 2 axial propulsion
Output 60,000hp
Speed 33 knots
Crew-member 290
Air search radar
Anti- surface radar
Aircraft none
Anti-aircraft armament Tartar / Standard anti-aircraft missile
Anti- warship armament
Anti-submarine armament ASROC 8 connected launchers
2 hedgehog anti-submarine rocket launchers
Torpedo armament 2 - triple launchers
CIWS 2 - 20 millimeter CIWS Mk15
Gun 2 - 50 caliber 76 mm connected mount rapid fire guns

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