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DDG-177 Atago (DDG 7,700 ton) Class

Displacement, standard 8,200 tons
7,700 tons
Displacement, full 10,070 t
10,000 tons
Boundary Dimension
Total Length 169.9 m
Waterline length 158.0 m
Maximum Width 21.0m
Water line width 19.0 m
Depth 12.0 m
Draft 6.3 m
Main Engine 4 x LM-2500 Gas turbine
COGLAG (hybrid propulsion system)
The CO at the prefix indicates 
"combination formula"

D = Diesel engine (diesel)
G = Gas turbine (gas turbine)
S = Steam turbine (steam turbine)
L = Electrically powered propulsion 

There are the above, as a combination form
A = and
O = or

In Janes warships, there are more
 codes indicating the  propulasion
DE = Diesel Electric propulsion 
GL = Gas turbine electric 
N = Nuclear propulsion 
Horsepower 100,000ps
propulsion 2 x shafts
Maximum Speed 30kt
Combat System Aegis system
Gun ? x Mk45 Mod4 5-inch 62cal rapid fire gun
1 x Mk 45 OTO 4.5 inch (127 mm) 54cal rapid fire gun
2 x Mk 15 mod 25 20mm Close-In Weapons System (CIWS)
Missile Launcher VLS / VLA (front=64cell, back=32cell)
Anti-aircraft Armament
  • RIM-162 ESSM: range from 30 to 50 km
  • RIM-7 Sea Sparow: Range 26 km
  • RIM-156 SM-2: Range of 160 km
  • RIM-174 SM-6: range of 370 km

    Sea RAM will not be installed
  • Anti-warship Armament SSM Harpoon
    Anti-submarine Armament ASROC SUM - Range 11 km
    Torpedo Armament Triple torpedo tubes x2
  • Complete information processing equipment
  • SPY - 1 D (V) Anti - aircraft radar set
  • 1 SPQ-9B (water-based radar)
  • Complete EW device
  • SQQ-89 (V) versus submarine system
  • TACTASS (MFTA) set
  • Complete CEC (Collaboration Network)
  • Mk99 missile directing units
  • Mk 160 Gun Suite
  • 1 HOS-303
  • Crew 300-340

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